College of Business and Technology

Cybersecurity (CYB)

CYB 500   Federal Cybersecurity Policy Review and Risk Management 3 credits

Students review and analyze compliance implications of selected federal cybersecurity policies with a specific focus on the NIST Risk Management Framework.

CYB 501   Cybersecurity Risk Management 3 credits

Students apply the NIST Risk Management Framework (RMF) by completing deliverables and communicating the results of a NIST RMF project. In addition, students review the Common Body of Knowledge (CBK) of the Certified Authorization Professional (CAP) certification.

CYB 502   Cybersecurity Practicum I 3 credits

Students develop the capability to support the conducting of an assessment and authorization project requiring the use of security controls. Students will then document results.

CYB 503   Cybersecurity Practicum II 3 credits

Students develop the capability to provide recommendations based on the results of an assessment and authorization project which requires the use of security controls.

CYB 504   Best Practices in Vulnerability Assessment, Exploitation and Remediation 3 credits

Students assess system vulnerabilities, conduct controlled exploitation and produce and communicate an effective remediation plan by applying the professional Common Body of Knowledge (CBK) for both the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) and EC-Council Certified Security Analyst (ECSA) certifications.

CYB 505   Cybersecurity Career Advancement Private and Federal Sector 3 credits

Students analyze cybersecurity career trends in order to develop their career objectives and to identify competencies, specialized areas, and knowledge skills and abilities (KSAs) required for successful attainment of their objectives. Based on this analysis, students begin developing their cybersecurity career advancement plans.

CYB 506   Cybersecurity Insider Threat Prevention: Personnel Security I 3 credits

Students assess the factors affecting the prevention and detection of insider cybersecurity personnel threats through the security investigation process.

CYB 507   Cybersecurity Insider Threat Prevention: Personnel Security II 3 credits

Students continue to examine how the security investigation process relates to preventing and/or detecting insider cybersecurity personnel threats. Utilizing the assessment completed in 6051, students finalize and submit a security clearance application.

CYB 508   The Function of Incident Management in Cybersecurity Risk Management 3 credits

Students analyze the function and components of incident management in cybersecurity risk management by developing an incident management requirements plan which utilizes continuous monitoring. Plan components include rapid incident detection, containment, impact mitigation, impact, and secure restoration of operations.

CYB 509   Cybersecurity Leadership Best Practices 3 credits

Students utilize the 10 domains of the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) Common Body of Knowledge (CBK) as a framework for helping organizations integrate stronger security protocols by determining the best response to specific scenarios.