College of Health and Science

Engineering (EGR)

EGR 101   Engineering Seminar 1 credit

This required course for students interested in an engineering-related major, is designed to acquaint participants with the engineering profession and the various areas of engineering, and to assist with the development of a plan for accomplishing related academic and career goals.

EGR 200   Introduction to Engineering 4 credits

Students will develop skills critical for practicing engineers. The course will focus on disciplinary areas of engineering and engineering design, and will give students extensive exposure to visual, written and oral communication forms, and to computer-based design tools. Students will complete substantial design projects, including prototype construction.

EGR 201   Engineering Software I 4 credits

This course is an introduction to problem solving with computers using programming languages common to the science and engineering disciplines while learning the design of hardware and software.

EGR 225   Statics and Dynamics 4 credits

This course is an introduction to the subject of Engineering Mechanics. Topics include: Principles of Statics and free body diagrams; Equilibrium of particles and rigid bodies; static analysis of trusses, beams, frames, and machines; Laws of Friction; Area and mass centroids, moments, and products of inertia; Principle of Dynamics, Kinematics; Work; and Energy and Momentum of rigid bodies and systems. (Pre-requisite of C- or higher grade in MAT 145 and PHS 221)

EGR 250   Electronics 4 credits

Students will learn the analysis of electronic instrumentation and circuits.

EGR 401   Engineering Software II 4 credits

Students will learn the design process through Computer Assisted Design (CAD).