College of Health and Science

Health Care and Gerontology (MA)

This program provides a comprehensive overview of the health care field relative to the aging population. Through a practical application of coursework, students will develop proficiency in areas that are critical to working with an aging population, such as marketing, fraud, public policy, spirituality, grant writing, and service delivery. This multi-disciplinary program will prepare students to meet the opportunities and challenges associated with our aging population, and will further prepare them to be leaders within the health care industry.

HCA 500Public Policy and Aging3
HCA 530Research Methods3
HCA 510Health and Physical Characteristics3
HCA 515Spirituality and Aging3
HCA 520Diversity in Health Care3
HCA 535Marketing to the Older Adult Population3
HCA 540Professional Ethics, Fraud, Abuse, and Exploitation3
HCA 525Program Development and Service Delivery3
HCA 555Economic Issues in Aging Populations3
HCA 545Grant Writing and Fundraising3
HCA 565Master's Thesis3
Total Credits33