College of Business and Technology

Strategic Communication Management (MA)

This program is designed to help students foster strategic thinking and logical analysis focused on creating solutions to communication challenges. Students in this program will gain knowledge of emerging technologies, program measurement, conflict/crisis management, persuasion, intercultural communication effectiveness, industry innovation and leadership. The following coursework is designed to be sequential. 

COM 500Strategic Communication Management3
COM 530Interactive Media Mgmt3
COM 570Leadership Communication3
COM 520Media Strategies3
COM 540Communication Inquiry & Measurement3
COM 545Interactive Project Management3
COM 550Communication Strategies for Conflict Management3
COM 590Crisis Communication Management3
COM 560Intercultural Communication3
or GST 597 Graduate Study Abroad
COM 510Persuasive Communication3
COM 610Corporate Responsibility & Ethical Communication3
COM 695Capstone3
Total Credits36