Pre-Professional Programs

Concordia University provides opportunities for students to pursue a professional degree beyond the undergraduate degree at Concordia by establishing pre-professional programs in specific areas such as those listed below.


Students interested in pursuing a Chiropractic degree can meet the admission requirements for most programs by completing an exercise science or biology major. 

Our unique “3+3” partnership with Northwestern Health Sciences University (Bloomington, MN) will enable Concordia students to earn both a bachelor of science (exercise science or biology) and a doctorate in chiropractic in just six years. Students will spend their first three years at Concordia, St. Paul, and the final three years at Northwestern.


Pre-dental students can best prepare for dental school by completing either a biology major or a biochemistry major. Most students take the DCAT (dentistry) in April of their junior year. For further information, contact the coordinator of pre-dental studies, Dr. Amanda J. Brosnahan at (651) 641-8846 or


The Pre-Engineering program allows students to spend their time at Concordia fulfilling general education requirements and building a solid foundation in mathematics and the sciences, including calculus-based physics courses.  Students work closely with their academic advisor to ensure they meet the requirements for entrance into the engineering school of their choice.  Admission to an engineering program is highly competitive.  Concordia can help students gain the skills necessary to stand out as a candidate for admission.  For further information, contact the coordinator of pre-engineering studies, Dr. Leanne Bakke at (651) 641-8750 or


Pre-law students at Concordia University should complete the Bachelor of Arts degree in one or more fields of study. Law schools prefer that students complete a broad, diverse, and challenging undergraduate curriculum and reserve legal study for law school. Undergraduate programs should reveal the student’s capacity to rise to intellectual challenge and perform well at an academically rigorous level whether in the sciences, the liberal arts, the business curriculum, or other fields. For further information, contact the coordinator of pre-law studies, Dr. Paul Hillmer at (651) 641-8215 or

Created upon a mutual regard for the integrity of parallel academic programs and in an effort to better serve students preparing to pursue a career in law, Concordia University, St. Paul (CSP) and Concordia University - Portland, School of Law (CUSL) have entered into an agreement for an articulated program. This agreement will define preparatory coursework to be completed at CSP for students intending to matriculate into CUSL. This agreement will articulate the special terms for admission at CUSL to earn a Juris Doctor (JD), and the distinctive criteria for the awarding of a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Sciences degree to participating students from CSP.

Pre-Medical Studies

To enter professional programs in medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, chiropractic, pharmacy, physician’s assistant, and physical therapy, students normally complete a Bachelor of Science degree or a Bachelor of Arts degree in a related field. Pre-medical education should be considered a field of interest rather than a major. The Biology major allows students to select a track appropriate to the chosen professional program (health sciences, general biology, biotechnology and environmental science).

Students who are planning a pre-medical program should consult with the pre-medical faculty advisor in the Department of Science. Interested students should contact the college or university where they intend to complete their degree program for a list of acceptable courses for transfer. Students typically take the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) in April of their junior year.


Students interested in pursuing a doctorate of pharmacy degree can meet the admission requirements for any program by completing a biology major or a chemistry major with a biology minor. For further information, contact the coordinator of pre-pharmacy studies, Dr. Amanda J. Brosnahan at (651) 641-8846 or

Pre-Physical Therapy

Each physical therapy graduate program varies in specific requirements but all require a bachelor’s degree. It is highly recommended that students interested in physical therapy complete a major in Biology.