College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Criminal Justice Major (BA Adult; Online Only)

This program’s objective is to enhance interest, experience, and knowledge in the field of criminal justice. Professionalism, ethics, and leadership remain central themes throughout the program. Individual and organizational dynamics are explored from a systems thinking perspective, focusing on criminal justice. The study of history, research, and trends impacting the criminal justice system are examined as they interrelate with a changing society. This program is designed for students working in the criminal justice field who desire to improve the work they do, to position themselves for promotional opportunities, and to facilitate life transition.

Note: This degree program is not intended for Minnesota peace officer licensure, but will qualify for continuing education credits where accepted.

General Education Requirements

All degree seeking undergraduate students must complete the general education requirements.

Degree Requirements

Bachelor of Arts degree consists of a major of typically 32 to 44 credits or two minors, general education courses, and elective courses totaling a minimum of 120 credits.

Required (and in sequence):
CJU 442Foundations of the Criminal Justice System4
CJU 446Research Methods in Criminology and Criminal Justice4
CJU 461Constitutional and Criminal Law and Justice4
CJU 472Cultural Considerations in Criminal Justice Systems4
CJU 475Ethical and Legal Dilemmas in the Criminal Justice System4
CJU 478Contemporary Issues in the Criminal Justice System4
CJU 483Exploring the Criminal Mind and Identifying Suspect Behavior4
CJU 487Delinquent and Criminal Behaviors Across the Lifespan4
CJU 495Criminal Justice Practicum/Internship eFolio4
CJU 456Building an Integrated Criminal Justice System4
Please choose from one of these courses:4
Minnesota State Criminal Law and Traffic Codes (4)
Forensic Exploration in the Criminal Justice System (4)
Total Credits44