College of Health and Science

Radiologic Science Leadership Major (BS Adult; Online Only)

The Radiologic Science Leadership program is conveniently offered in the online format and is designed to assist Registered Radiologic Technologists in completing their Bachelor of Science degree while maintaining their current careers. Because most students are working full-time as Registered Radiologic Technologists, this program is cohort-based and students only take one class at a time. This program will prepare students to develop leadership skills, gain exposure to health care administration, and apply critical thinking practices in their personal and professional lives. Students will explore behavioral, social and cultural trends that influence management in today’s rapidly changing health care industry.

General Education Requirements

All degree seeking undergraduate students must complete the general education requirements.

Degree Requirements

Bachelor of Science degree consists of a major of typically 45 to 60 credits, general education courses, and elective courses totaling a minimum of 120 credits.

Required (and in sequence)
RAD 250Leadership Communication4
RAD 222Pathological Foundations4
RAD 310Writing for Healthcare Professionals4
RAD 330Communication Strategies for Conflict Management4
RAD 350Healthcare Diversity and Global Issues4
RAD 435Ethics and Decision Making in Health Care Environments4
RAD 300Strategic Leadership of Resources, People, and Teams4
RAD 400Organization Development for HR Professionals4
RAD 440Legal Environment for Healthcare Managers4
RAD 322Compliance and Regulatory Requirements4
RAD 490Senior Seminar4
Total Credits44