Pre-law students at Concordia University should complete the Bachelor of Arts degree in one or more fields of study. Law schools prefer that students complete a broad, diverse, and challenging undergraduate curriculum and reserve legal study for law school. Undergraduate programs should reveal the student’s capacity to rise to intellectual challenge and perform well at an academically rigorous level whether in the sciences, the liberal arts, the business curriculum, or other fields. For further information, contact the coordinator of pre-law studies, Dr. Matt Ryan at (651) 641-8267 or

Created upon a mutual regard for the integrity of parallel academic programs and in an effort to better serve students preparing to pursue a career in law, Concordia University, St. Paul (CSP) and Concordia University - Portland, School of Law (CUSL) have entered into an agreement for an articulated program. This agreement will define preparatory coursework to be completed at CSP for students intending to matriculate into CUSL. This agreement will articulate the special terms for admission at CUSL to earn a Juris Doctor (JD), and the distinctive criteria for the awarding of a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Sciences degree to participating students from CSP.