College of Education

Education with an Emphasis in Educational Technology (MA)

The Masters of Arts in Education with an emphasis in Educational Technology is designed for professional decision makers, reflective practitioners, and adaptive experts. The building of knowledge and development of skills related to educational technology will address the positive and negative implications and effects of technology in the teaching and learning process. Throughout the program knowledge, skills, application, leadership, capacity and planning will be emphasized. A technology certificate will be awarded at the completion of the program. The coursework is designed to be sequential and is offered face-to-face and online.

ET 500Technology Trends and Social Media3
ET 505Exploring Classroom Technology Tools3
ET 510Virtual Classroom3
ET 515Professional Development and Leadership in Educational Technology3
ET 520Field Experience: Course Development3
ED 521Educational Research and Applications3
ED 512Ethical Issues for Professional Educators3
ED 507Diversity in Education3
or GST 597 Graduate Study Abroad
ED 554Curriculum & Instruction3
ED 590Conducting Research and Completing the Capstone3
Total Credits30