Undergraduate Catalog

Accounting Major (BA Adult)

Accounting Major (BBA traditional)

Accounting Major (BS Traditional)

Accounting Minor

Art Education/Teaching (Grades K-12) Major (BA Traditional)

Art History Minor

Art Studio Major (BA Traditional)

Art Studio Minor

Biblical Languages Minor

Biology Major (BA Traditional)

Biology Major (BS Traditional)

Biology Minor

Business Major (BA Adult; Online Only)

Business Management Major (BA Traditional)

Business Management Minor

Business Minor

Chemistry Education/Teaching (Grades 9-12) Major (BA Traditional)

Chemistry Major (BA Traditional)

Chemistry Minor

Child Development Major (BA Adult; Online Only)

Child Learning and Development Major (BA Traditional)

Christian Ministry Major (BA Traditional)

Church Music Major (BA Traditional)

Communication Arts and Literature Education/Teaching Major (Grades 5-12) (BA Traditional)

Communication Studies Major (BA Traditional)

Communication Studies Minor

Community Arts Major (BA Traditional)

Community Arts Minor

Community Health Science Major (BA Traditional)

Community Health Science Minor

Computer Science Major (BS Online Only)

Computer Science Minor

Criminal Justice Major (BA Adult; Online Only)

Criminal Justice Major (BA Traditional)

Criminal Justice Minor

Dance Minor

Design Minor

Director of Christian Education

Director of Christian Outreach

Director of Parish Music

Early Childhood Education Certificate

Early Childhood Education/Teaching Major (Birth-Grade 3) (BA Traditional)

Education Minor

Elementary Education/Teaching Major (Grades K-6) (BA Traditional)

English Minor

English as a Second Language Education/Teaching Major (Grades K-12) (BA Traditional)

English with an Emphasis in Creative Writing Major (BA Traditional)

English with an Emphasis in Journalism Major (BA Traditional)

English with an Emphasis in Literature Major (BA Traditional)

English with an Emphasis in Professional Writing Major (BA Traditional)

Exercise Science 3+2 Option (BA + MS Exercise Science)

Exercise Science Major (BA Traditional, BA Adult Online)

Exercise Science Major (BS Traditional)

Exercise Science Major with an Emphasis in Athletic Training (BA Traditional)

Exercise Science Minor

Family Science 3+2 Option (BA + MA Family Science)

Family Science Major (BA Adult; Online Only)

Family Science Major (BA Traditional)

Family Science Minor

Finance Major (BS Traditional)

Finance Minor

Gerontology Minor

Grades K-12 Physical Education and Grades 5-12 Health Teaching Major (BA Traditional)

Graphic Design Major (BA Traditional)

Graphic Design Major (BFA Traditional)

Health Care Administration Major (BA Adult; Online Only)

Health Care Administration Minor

Health Education Teaching Major (Grades 5-12) (BA Traditional)

History Major (BA Traditional)

History Minor

Hmong Studies Minor

Hospitality Management Major (BA Adult; Online Only)

Hospitality Management Minor

Human Resource Management Major (BA Adult)

Human Resource Management Minor

Information Technology Management Minor

Information Technology in Management Major (BA Adult)

International Business Major (BS Traditional)

International Business Minor

International Studies Minor

Interscholastic Coaching Minor

Leadership Certificate

Leadership Minor

Life Science Education/Teaching Major (Grades 9-12) (BA Traditional)

Lutheran Theology Minor

Marketing Major (BA Adult)

Marketing Major (BS Traditional)

Marketing Management Minor

Marketing Minor

Mathematics Major (BA Traditional)

Mathematics Major (BS Traditional)

Mathematics Minor

Music Business (BA Traditional)

Music Education/Teaching Major (Grades K-12 Instrumental and Classroom Music and/or Vocal and Classroom Music (BA Traditional)

Music Major (BA Traditional)

Music Minor

Non-Profit Management Minor

Nursing Major (BSN Adult)

Nursing Major (BSN Pre-Licensure)

Organizational Management and Leadership Major (BA Adult)

Orthotics and Prosthetics Major (BS Traditional)

Parent Coaching Certificate

Parent and Family Education (Licensure) (BA Traditional)

Photography Minor

Political Science Minor

Psychology Major (BA Adult; Online Only)

Psychology Major (BA Traditional)

Psychology Major (BS Traditional)

Psychology Minor

Public Policy Major (BA Traditional)

Pulmonary Science Major (BS Adult)

Radiologic Science Leadership Major (BS Adult; Online Only)

Religion Minor

Sales and Business Development Minor

Secondary Mathematics Education Major (Done in Conjunction with Math Major)

Social Studies Education/Teaching (Grades 5-12) Major (BA Traditional)

Sociology Major (BA Traditional)

Sociology Minor

Spanish Minor

Sport Management 3+2 Option (BA + MA Sport Management)

Sport Management Major (BA Traditional; BA Adult Online)

Sport Management Minor

Sport Psychology Major (BA Traditional)

Sport Psychology Minor

Theatre Major (BA Traditional)

Theatre Minor

Theology Major (BA Traditional)

Writing Minor

Writing/Communications Minor