College of Health and Science

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN)

For admission to Concordia's ABSN program, all candidates must meet BSN Admission requirements.  All general education courses, with the exception of 6 credits of HUM and/or REL and all Nursing prerequisties must be completed piror to the start of the ABSN program.  No more than 6 credits of nursing prerequisite coursework may be in progress at thetime of application.  Nursing prerequisites courses consist of BIO 211 General Biology 1:  4 Credits, BIO 284 Microbiology: 3 Credits, BIO 364 Human Anatomy & Physiology I:  4 Credits, BIO365 Human Anatomy & Physiology II:  4 Credits, CHM 101 Chemistry for Life:  3 Credits, CHM 102 Prinicples of Organic & BioChemistry: 3 Credits, PSY 321 Human Growth and Development:  3 Credits, MTH 123 College Algebra:  3 Credits, MTH 231 Research & Statistical Techniques: 3 Credits and ESS 462 Nutrition:  3 Credits. 

Prerequisite courses 33
NUP 350Fundamentals of Nursing and Caring for Persons with Chronic Conditions8
NUP 351Integration of Pathophysiology and Pharmacology4
NUP 352Intro to Nursing Informatics2
NUP 353Care of the Adult with Acute Physical Illness8
NUP 354Integration of Pathophysiology and Pharmacology II4
NUP 355Nursing Care of Clients with Mental & Behavioral Health Issues3
NUP 403Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice2
NUP 410Nursing Care of Children and the Childbearing Family7
NUP 411Nursing in the Community7
NUP 412Nursing Leadership and Health Care Policy3
NUP 413Complex Clinical Nursing Care Capstone8
NUP 414Spiritual Caring and Ethics in Nursing Practice3
General Education Requirements 6
HUM Course
REL/THL Course
Total Credits98

 CSP’s pre-licensure nursing programs prepare students to take the National Council Licensure Exam (NCLEX-RN®), which is required for professional nursing licensing in all states. CSP BSN program graduates are eligible to apply to take the NCLEX-RN® in any state. States may require additional licensure application conditions including but not limited to background studies that may include fingerprinting. State specific professional nursing licensure requirements are accessible via the identified state’s nursing board website. [