College of Business and Technology

International Business Minor

The International Business minor gives students an understanding of how to conduct business in a foreign country, including basic business skills and understanding the customs, opportunities, and challenges of working across cultures.

America in the Global Economy: Macroeconomics (4)
Select 1 of the following2
Microeconomics (2)
Basics of Business (2)
Select 1 of the following4
Intercultural Communication (4)
Beginning College Spanish I 1 (4)
Select 2 of the following8
Principles of Financial Accounting (4)
Corporate Finance I (4)
Organizational Behavior (4)
Principles of Marketing (4)
Select 2 of the following (minimum 6 credits)6
Global Economics (4)
Global Marketing (2)
Managing in a Global Economy (4)
Study Abroad (4)
In addition to the coursework, 1 trip abroad is recommended. This could be a short term academic program, service learning abroad, or semester abroad program. Courses taken during a semester abroad may be substituted for required courses with prior approval from the department chair.
Total Credits20