College of Business and Technology

Mathematics Minor

This program provides a solid mathematical and quantitative background to enhance the student’s major course of study.  Coursework includes activities designed to reinforce skills in communication, group interaction, and problem-solving.

MAT 135Calculus I4
MAT 145Calculus II5
MAT 220Discrete Mathematics3
MAT 110Introduction to Probability and Statistics3
Select 7 credits of the following: 17
Programming and Problem Solving (3)
Calculus III (4)
Foundations of Geometry (3)
Advanced Probability and Statistics (4)
Differential Equations and Linear Algebra (4)
Abstract Algebra (4)
Foundations of Analysis (4)
Mathematics Seminar (3)
Independent Study in Mathematics (1-4)
Total Credits22

 At least one from MAT 330, MAT 375, MAT 450, or MAT 460