College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Music Minor

Prerequisites 1
Basic Musicianship (2)
Class Piano I (2)
Class Piano II (2)
Prerequisites from General Education
Listening to Life: Western Classical Music (2)
Listening to Life: Global & Popular Music (2)
MUS 201Musicianship I4
MUS 202Musicianship II4
MUS 7XX2 semesters of ensemble at 0-2 credits each
MUS 8XX2 semesters of private lessons at 1 credit eac2
Select one of the following:3
Music History I (3)
Music History II (recommended) (3)
Music History III (3)
Select 11 credits, which may be chosen from any music offerings (including private lessons and ensembles beyond those required)11
Additional Requirements
Attend two recitals or concerts per year 2
Total Credits24

Students enter the program with music-reading ability and previous music performance experience and study. The level of each student’s abilities and experience will be initially assessed through a music placement survey, auditions for ensembles and placement evaluations by private lesson instructors. Based on this assessment, the student may be required to take one or more of the Prerequisite courses.


Students must attend two recitals or concerts per year and document such in their Music Portfolio. The portfolios should be submitted for review each year by November 1 to the Chair of the Music Department. A minimum of a 2.5 GPA is required in music coursework.