College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Religion Minor

This program is designed to address such questions as: How does religion help the individual live a well examined life? What is the importance of religious values for the individual and for the human community? How does theological literature relate to social issues? You’ll explore how religious perspectives have a significant role in public life and have opportunities to observe and reflect on religious faith communities. A minor in religion paired with a major from a variety of disciplines—business, science, sports medicine, the arts—will add a distinctive quality to a graduate’s resume and open careers in those areas.

THL 100The Biblical Heritage of Christianity3-4
or THL 206 New Testament
THL 353Christianity and World Religions4
Select 12 credits of the following:12
The Land of the Bible (1)
Archaeology and the Bible (4)
Global Christianity (4)
Christian Ethics (4)
The Problem of Evil (4)
Athens and Jerusalem: Philosophy and Christianity (4)
Martin Luther: Saint & Sinner (4)
Jesus and Muhammad (4)
One Nation under God? Christianity and Politics in America (4)
Christianity and the Media in Contemporary Culture (4)
Theology and Art (4)
Christianity thr Symbol/Ritual (4)
Faith and Justice in the City (4)
Mission of God (4)
Total Credits19-20