School of Continuing Studies

Concordia’s School of Continuing Studies offers undergraduate general education and elective courses delivered in accelerated online formats. The courses are designed for adult students and to assist students in building enough general education credits to start one of Concordia University’s adult accelerated degree programs. Through these intensive courses learners can earn up to 36 semester credits in approximately one calendar year. There are no educational prerequisites to enroll in these classes and visiting students are welcome to enroll.

Accelerated general education courses allow learners to:

  • efficiently obtain general study requirements to prepare for an accelerated learning program;
  • develop skills to be successful in academic work;
  • earn foundational credits for a liberal arts education; and
  • work towards a college degree, regardless of geographic location or time.

Course Delivery

Courses are delivered online. In the online accelerated classes learners collaborate with a community of peers through chats, discussion boards, and email.

Course Selection

Participants will be teamed with an advisor who will assist in creating a class schedule that fits with the student’s work and personal life.

School of Continuing Studies Tuition and Fees 2023-24

Per credit hour $420
Auditing (per class) $175

Associate of Arts Degree: Online

The Associate of Arts (A.A.) degree provides learners with general education credits from various academic disciplines delivered through online education. General education courses provide students with a foundation for critically examining the world from unique perspectives. These courses also help prepare students for the major courses in their bachelor degree programs.

The Associate of Arts degree program totals 60 semester credits.

SSS 125Student Success Strategies3
Social/Behavioral Science (2 classes from two different disciplines)6
Humanities (2 classes from two different disciplines)6
THL 200Scripture and its interpretation: A Global Introduction to the Bible3
THL 345Callings: Christianity and Vocation3
Select 26 Elective Credits to reach 60 required credits26
Total Credits60

Associate of Arts in Early Childhood Education

Students complete 60 credits: AA General Education classes (see above) and the following 12 credits to complete the Early Childhood Emphasis:

CHD 400Introduction to Early Childhood Education3
CHD 410Growth and Development of Children3
CHD 435Developmentally Appropriate Practices in Early Childhood Education3
CHD 440Children's Play and Learning3

Associate of Arts in Pre-Nursing 

The Associate of Arts in Pre-Nursing prepares students for application to the University's Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Pre-Licensure program.  AA Pre-Nursing students will complete their general education course requirements and the necessary prerequisite coursework for the BSN Pre-Licensure program.  Students should review the overall BSN Pre-Licensure admission criteria to ensure awareness of minimum grade requirements in specific courses, GPA requirements, and other necessary admission criteria.  Students interested in nursing programs at other institutions should review each institution's admission requirements as they typically vary between institutions.

General Education
Humanities ( 2 classes from two different disciplines)6
Social Science (Non-Psychology Course)3
ENG 121College Writing3
MAT 165Quantitative Reasoning for Health Care Professionals *3
BIO 120General Biology I *4
CHE 105Chemistry for Health Sciences *4
PSY 102Introduction to Psychology3
THL 200Scripture and its interpretation: A Global Introduction to the Bible3
THL 345Callings: Christianity and Vocation3
Electives 19
Prerequisite and Co-Requisite Nursing Coursework
BIO 300Microbiology4
BIO 315Human Anatomy and Physiology I4
BIO 316Human Anatomy and Physiology II4
PSY 230Lifespan Developmental Psychology4
Total Credits60

Courses are also prerequisite or corequisite courses for the nursing program.


It is recommended that students complete BIO 350 Medical Terminology and Traditional Nursing Students complete SCI 100 as an elective option.