College of Human Services and Behavioral Sciences

Family and Parent Coaching Certificate

This program combines family systems, parenting theories, and evidence-based coaching strategies to help students work more effectively with individuals and families, enhance leadership skills and improve relationships with family and friends. Students will learn to apply active listening skills, build trust, and ask questions that honor each family's uniqueness and strengths and empowers families and individuals to be the best version of themselves. This program prepares students for careers in helping professions, including education, early childhood, family life education, human services, and criminal justice.

Core (to be taken before or in combination with the Coaching sequence)
FAS 451Family Comm & Relationships3
or FAS 530 Family Communication and Relationships
FAS 442Family Decision-Making and Resource Management 3
or FAS 540 Family Decision Making
FAS 400Family Systems, Structures and Relationships4
or FAS 504 Systemic Dynamics of Families
Coaching Sequence
FAS 480Parent Coaching 1: From Theory to Practice3
FAS 481Parent Coaching 2: Building Skills, Attitudes, and Competency3
FAS 482Parent Coaching 3: Professional Applications3
FAS 483Parent Coaching 4: Supervised Field Parent Coaching3
Total Credits22

Masters students (post-bac)  in a related field would need to take core courses or demonstrate course credit in the core courses.

*Visiting students must hold a minimum of a BA degree in a related field or demonstrate the equivalent core course. Approval will be taken case-by-case as determined by the Family Coaching Program Coordinator.