Financial Aid/Scholarships

Financial Aid

All students applying for financial aid must:

  1. be accepted for admission and maintain good academic standing, and
  2. complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA will provide instructions on how to have your financial information sent to the university (Concordia University’s code is 002347). Students wishing to be considered for Financial Aid MUST complete the FAFSA on-line each calendar year after taxes for the prior, prior year have been filed (typically between October and April of each year). The FAFSA can be referenced at The posted university deadline for priority of funding including (but not limited to) SEOG Grant, Perkins is May 1st.

Financial Aid for Church Vocations

Church Vocation Scholarships are available to those students enrolled in an undergraduate church work program in the College of Humanities & Social Sciences or the College of Education. To receive this scholarship, students must apply annually to their home church district and to their home congregation. Application documents are available online at:

Eligibility for Financial Aid

For consideration of Financial Aid from sources derived from the Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA) students in Undergraduate Program(s) must be enrolled in at least six credits per semester, be in good standing related to other Stafford Loans borrowed prior (i.e., not in default), and be within lifetime usage limits as defined by the US Department of Higher Education (DOE). Students enrolled in 1+ credits may qualify for Pell Grant or a Minnesota State Grant only. Unless otherwise stated, undergraduate traditional (non-Cohort) financial aid awards will be made for one academic year (fall and spring semesters). Application procedures must be completed each year financial aid is requested by completing the FAFSA and/or other required documents as determined by the DOE.

Financial Aid for Summer School

Financial aid eligibility for Summer Semester for Traditional Undergraduate Students may be limited. Students are encouraged to connect with the Student Financial Services Office to determine summer aid eligibility if applicable.

Financial Aid and Withdrawing/Dropping from Concordia University

If a learner has received Financial Aid and subsequently withdraws and/or drops from some or all courses at Concordia University, then the the school and/or student may be required to return some or all of the federal, state, institutional and/or private financial aid initially awarded. If a student receives financial assistance from a grant, scholarship, or loan source outside of the family, all or some of an expected Refund Check may be returned to the grant, scholarship, and/or loan source from which the assistance was received. All students needing to Withdraw from the University must initiate an official Change of Status with the Registrar’s office.

Concordia University, St. Paul has a policy that returns any unearned tuition assistance (TA) funds on a proportional basis through at least the 60 percent portion of the period for which the funds were provided to the military Service Branch listed below:
7-week Course Withdraw submitted
Before or during week 1 100% return
During week 2 75% return
During weeks 3 50% return
During week 4 40% return (60% of course is completed)
During weeks 5-7 0% return
15-week Course Withdraw submitted
Before or during weeks 1-2 100% return
During weeks 3-4 90% return
During weeks 5-6 75% return
During weeks 7-8 50% return
During weeks 9 40% return (60% of course is completed)
During weeks 10-15 0% return

Study Abroad

Students participating in study abroad opportunities approved by the university are considered “in-residence.” Most academic and need-based financial aid applies toward study abroad. Exceptions include work-study, music performance, and athletic scholarships, all of which require students to be on campus.

Financial Aid Programs Available


Consult the United States Department of Education Student Guide to Financial Aid. The Student Guide is available through the financial aid office or the undergraduate admissions office. The Student Guide is also available through most high school counselors.

  • Federal College Work Study Program (FCWS)1
  • Federal Stafford Student Loan(s)
  • Federal Perkins Loan1
  • Federal Parent PLUS Loan1
  • Federal Pell Grant1
  • Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG)1
  • TEACH Grant (Graduate Students in qualifying programs only)
  • Federal PLUS Loan (Graduate Students only)

 Undergraduate students only

State of Minnesota

  • Minnesota State Grant1
  • Student Educational Loan Fund (SELF)1
  • Minnesota Childcare Grant1
  • Minnesota GI Grant
  • Minnesota Work Study1
  • Minnesota Indian Scholarship
  • Minnesota Dream Act

 Undergraduate students only

Work Study

All full-time international students in F1 status are eligible to work on campus. See the Office of Financial Aid for an application.

Student Loan Advocate 

For Washington State residents seeking information and resources about student loan repayment or seeking to submit a complaint relating to your student loans or student loan servicer, please visit or contact the Student Loan Advocate at

Satisfactory Academic Progress for Financial Aid Policy (SAFAP)

Federal and state regulations require monitoring of credits for all students and will apply the following minimum cumulative standards of progress at the end of each semester after completion of six (6) attempted credits (see below). Students will be evaluated for SAFAO according to federal guidelines, including possible retroactive fund disbursements should disqualification be impending based on the standards indicated below:


Students are expected to meet or exceed a cumulative earned grade point average (GPA) of 2.00 for Undergraduate Studies and 3.00 for Graduate Professional Studies.


Students must complete a minimum cumulative of 67% of all attempted course work at CSP. Any course with a grade of withdraw (W), (F), incomplete (I), progress (PR), audit (AU) or No Credit (NC) shall be considered not completed. A course is counted as completed only once, regardless of how many times attempted, or the grade earned. Transfer credit(s) will be counted as attempted and completed, thus affecting a student’s cumulative completion rate.

Maximum Timeframe (MTF)

Students must complete their program within 150 percent of the credit hours required by their program of study. Students who have reached their maximum allowable credit hours will be suspended from receiving financial aid. Developmental or remedial hours are excluded from this calculation. The MTF calculation counts all attempted hours including repeated courses, program of study ineligible courses and courses transferred from other colleges, and grade(s) of withdraw (W), (F), incomplete (I), progress (PR), audit (AU) or No Credit (NC). MTF also includes hours taken under a previous major(s) and hours for which a student did not receive financial aid.

Additionally, failure to meet standards for financial aid purposes at CSP is defined as:

Maximum Time-Frame

A student in excess of 150% of the published credit length of the program shall be immediately suspended from financial aid Title IV eligibility.

Financial Aid Warning

A student failing to meet the minimum cumulative qualitative or quantitative standards, or close to violating the Maximum Time Frame Standard of academic progress shall be placed on financial aid warning. A student on warning-status will remain eligible for financial aid for one term, but must remedy all SAP standards, or full financial aid suspension will be fully implemented.

Financial Aid Probation

A student failing to meet the minimum cumulative qualitative or quantitative standard of academic progress who is placed on Financial Aid Suspension may appeal for reinstatement based on extenuating circumstances. Learners with approved appeals may be placed on Academic Probation for one or more terms as determined by the SAP Academic Performance Committee.

Any student(s) on Academic Probation will be placed on an Academic Performance Plan (APP) that must be followed. Violation of an APP may lead to immediate Financial Aid Suspension reinstatement.

Continuation of Students on Financial Aid Probation Status

A student on probation who meets a term 2.0 GPA Undergraduate and/or 3.00 Graduate standard and the 67% earned percentage standard during the probationary term and has met all other terms set forth by the university for continuation of academic success as defined by the SAP Appeal Committee, may be permitted to retain enrollment and financial aid eligibility under a continued probation status, until such time as:

  1. the student has met the cumulative standards and is therefore reinstated in good academic standing, or
  2. the student fails to meet both the cumulative standards and the term standards, and is therefore suspended, or
  3. it is determined it is not possible for the student to meet the cumulative standards within the maximum timeframe allowed, and is therefore suspended.


A student on probation failing to meet the minimum cumulative qualitative or quantitative standard of academic progress during his/her next term of enrollment being immediately placed on suspension, unless the student meets Continued Probation standards. A student on suspension will not be allowed to any financial aid funding related to Title IV, including Federal and State, if applicable.

Immediate Financial Aid Suspension

A student may be immediately suspended in the event of extraordinary circumstances, including (but not limited to) a student who was previously suspended, then reinstated and whose academic progress falls below minimum standards of progress, or a student whose higher education attendance pattern demonstrates the abuse of receiving financial aid.

Student Right to Appeal

Appeal Policy

Students suspended from financial aid may appeal their suspension if there were extenuating or unforeseen circumstances affecting their progress. All appeals must explain and document all terms in which progress was not met. Each appeal must also address how the circumstances that caused the suspension have/will be resolved. Students interested in appealing must submit an appeal form with all required documentation. Appeals will be thoroughly reviewed and reinstatement of financial aid will depend on the qualifying extenuating circumstances as outlined by CSP (see below) that directly contributed to deficient academic performance, as well as other probable factors. Appeals are evaluated on a term-by-term basis. Should a student’s appeal be approved, the student is required to sign an Appeal Contract for either one or multiple terms. Both options will require students to meet certain conditions each term of attendance, such as earning a specified GPA, maintaining a specified completion rate, and registering for a certain number of credit hours. To facilitate understanding, a copy of the contract will be provided to the student.

  1. Probationary Appeal (for use for one term only)
    Students who fall in this category are below the required 2.0 GPA (Undergraduate Students)/3.0 GPA (Graduate Students) and 67% completion rate. At the end of the appealed term these students must have at least a 2.0 GPA (Undergraduate Students)/3.0 GPA (Graduate Students), have completed 67% of their attempted classes, and not have exceeded their maximum allowable hours (MTF). If the learner fails to meet these requirements, they will be suspended and future appeals may not be approved. Financial Aid Probation contracts do not apply to students who have exceeded their maximum allowable hours (MTF). However, MTF suspensions and other appeals requiring more than one term to meet SAP or complete a program may be approved on an Academic Plan (see below).
  2. Probation Appeal Plan with APP (for use for multiple terms)
    An Academic Performance Plan (APP) is given to a student whose appeal has been approved for resolved extenuating circumstances but who will need more than one term to meet cumulative SAP standards. The APP Contract is similar to the Financial Aid Probation contract; however, it requires completing a required number of credits with a particular grade point average over more than one term. Should a student on an APP contract not meet the requirements in any given term, the student would automatically be suspended and future appeals may not be approved. Students on an APP contract who skip a term may also be suspended unless it is part of the APP Contract.

Qualifying Extenuating Circumstances

Students have the right to appeal Financial Aid Warning and/or Suspension in the case of extenuating circumstance(s) including, but not limited to:

  • Death of an immediate family member. Immediate shall be defined as: spouse, children, parents, brother, sister, father-in-law or mother-in-law, brother-in-law or sister-in-law, son-in-law or daughter-in-law, grandchildren and grandparents.
  • Serious Illness. Serious illness shall be defined as lasting longer than 20% of the term in duration or one that required hospitalization
  • Other extenuating circumstance of relevant nature.

To appeal, send a letter of explanation as outlined above including supporting documentation (i.e. Obituary, letter(s) from health professionals, etc.) to:

Director of Financial Aid
Concordia University, Saint Paul
1282 Concordia Avenue
Saint Paul, MN 55014

The Official Financial Aid SAP Policy can be found online at:


Athletic Scholarships

Athletic scholarships are available in all sports offered at Concordia University. Students must be accepted to the traditional undergraduate program at the university and meet NCAA II eligibility for scholarship consideration. The head coach in each respective sport selects the scholarship recipients and determines the scholarship. Scholarships are granted in one year periods only and are renewable under
NCAA guidelines.

University Merit Scholarships

Renewable merit scholarships for new freshman are awarded based on high school academic achievement. The scholarships are awarded at the time of acceptance to Concordia University. The amounts of the merit scholarships range from $500 to $10,000. The scholarships are named Regents’ Scholarship, President’s Scholarship, University Scholarship, and Concordia Opportunity Grant. They are renewable for three additional years for students that maintain academic eligibility.

Lutheran Heritage Scholarship

The Lutheran Heritage Scholarship is available to new, full-time, first-year and transfer students from Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod (LCMS) congregations who meet regular admissions standards. This scholarship is renewable with the appropriate GPA.

University Church Vocation Scholarship

Scholarships up to $1,000 to undergraduate students who intend to serve The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod in a full-time professional ministry after graduation. Students must enroll full-time in a church vocation program and apply to their home congregations and districts. The scholarship, as well as any assistance given by the student’s congregation and district, will be part of the financial aid package, reducing need-based loans and work-study. This is renewable with the appropriate GPA.

Church Assurance

New first-year and transfer students from LCMS congregations who are preparing for church professions may be eligible for a $10,625 assurance. Thus, qualified students preparing for a church profession will be assured of receiving at least $10,625 of grants from all sources (not counting church and district grants). These are renewable with the appropriate GPA.

Need-Based Grants

These need-based grants are to students who demonstrate financial need.

Synodical District Grants from the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod (LCMS)

District grants, scholarships, and/or loans are often available to church work students. Some LCMS districts, the Lutheran Laymen’s Leagues (LLL) of the districts, and the Lutheran Women’s Missionary Leagues (LWML) of the districts may offer financial assistance. Amounts, types, and criteria vary by synodical district.

LCMS Forward in Remembrance Music Scholarship

A program administered by the LCMS providing scholarships to church vocation students who excel in music.

LCMS Forward in Remembrance Scholarship

A program administered by the LCMS providing scholarships to church vocation students.

LCMS Minority Scholarship

A program administered directly by the LCMS providing scholarships to minority church vocation students.

AmeriCorps Alumni Scholarship

AmeriCorps alumni admitted to Concordia University, St. Paul will be awarded a $5,000 scholarship. The scholarship can be applied toward tuition on any bachelor’s or master’s level program and will be distributed evenly across the student’s course of study. Students must maintain good academic standing including GPA requirements. Scholarship cannot be combined with other institutional discounts/scholarships, such as military, community college partnership(s) and employee discounts. Program participation will be evaluated on an annual basis. Requires annual submission of FAFSA. Not to exceed the cost of tuition less any other grant or scholarship aid.

Concordia Colleague Advantage

Employees and staff members of partnering institutions are eligible to receive a $2,000 tuition discount and priority admission status when they enroll in any accelerated undergraduate or graduate degree program at Concordia University, St. Paul. Students have the opportunity to learn on campus in a face-to-face setting or online.

Concordia Partnership Advantage Scholarship

The Concordia Partnership Advantage Scholarship is offered to the Degree Completion students that are employed by one of our partnering organizations. A $2,000 tuition discount is awarded to qualified students exclusively upon acceptance when they enroll in any undergraduate or graduate degree program.

Transfer Advantage Scholarship

The Transfer Advantage Scholarship is awarded to any transfer students who have completed the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC) or an Associate of Arts degree from an accredited institution meet Concordia’s general education requirements. Concordia University also accepts individual goal areas completed within the MnTC. Eligible students are awarded $2,000 which is evenly dispersed over the length of program.

Endowed Funds

An endowed scholarship is established by a donor to Concordia University, St. Paul.  Endowment gifts are invested to provide scholarships to students in perpetuity.  The earnings of the endowed fund will provide scholarship(s) for the signed intended purpose.  These funds will provide scholarships for many years to come.  The following endowed funds are currently available: 

  • David Aasved Scholarship – church work students
  • Willi and Adeline Ballenthin Scholarship – church work students
  • Altenburg Endowment - church work students
  • Bob Barnes Scholarship – physical education students
  • Harry G. Barr Scholarship – Hoffmann Institute students
  • John Barthel Scholarship – pre-ministerial students
  • Fred and Ruth Bartling Scholarship - history majors or secondary social studies teacher education licensure
  • Harold and Lovine Bartz Scholarship – church work students
  • Carl and Amanda Behm Scholarship – church work students; preference given to students from Minnesota North District of the LCMS
  • Gary and Gloria Behm Endowed Scholarship - financial need; preference from rural or small towns
  • Kenneth Behm Scholarship – church work students; preference given to students of Trinity Lutheran Church, Janesville, Minnesota
  • Marvin and Luella Behm Scholarship – pre-ministerial students
  • Katharine Berwald Art Major/Studio Art Annual Scholarship
  • Darwin and Mary (Grimm) Bettmann Endowed Scholarship - church work; teacher education
  • Dr. W. Leroy and Marie L. Biesenthal Scholarship – pre-ministerial or Director of Christian Outreach students
  • Board of Regents Endowed Scholarship Fund - high academic standing
  • Earl D. and Helen Bohlen Family Scholarship – church work students
  • Randall and Diane Borchardt Scholarship Endowment Fund - church work students
  • Rev. Traugott P. and Ilse Bradtke Scholarship – pre-ministerial students; preference given to Christ Lutheran Church in Marshfield, WI or students from the North Wisconsin District of the LCMS
  • Rev. Louis F. and Olga D. Brandes Scholarship – church work students
  • Hilbert and Norma Brandt Endowed Scholarship - church work students
  • Kerry (Schlichting) Brandvold DCE Scholarship – Director of Christian Education students
  • Professor Friedrich and Ann Brauer Scholarship – church work students; music emphasis
  • Bredehoft Family Scholarship – psychology students
  • Herb Brokering Scholarship - financial need; theatre majors
  • Rev. Paul F. Buck and Clara (Wacker) Buck Scholarship – pre-ministerial students; seniors
  • Edwin H. Buegel, Edna L. Buegel and John E. Buegel Scholarship – church work students from Minnesota
  • Lorraine and Vernon Buesing Scholarship – Director of Christian Outreach students
  • Buetow Scholarship – general; academic performance and/or financial need students
  • Burkart Family Scholarship – general; financially needy students
  • L.H.B. Scholarship – general
  • The Dr. Cheryl Troutman Chatman Scholarship - under represented, low-income and first generation students with a preference given to students of color.
  • Coach John Chiapuzio Scholarship – teacher education students; emphasis in Physical Education
  • Nate and Lee Clonkey Scholarship - church work students
  • Communication Scholarship – communication students; high academic standing and financial need
  • Concordia General Endowment – general; board designated/directed
  • Concordia Guild Scholarship – church work students; female
  • Concordia Scholarship - general
  • Erna and Robert Cordes Scholarship – church work students
  • Ruth Proft Dannehl Scholarship – pre-ministerial and/or church work students
  • Richard A. and Hilda Danowsky, Sr. Scholarship – pre-ministerial students; junior or senior
  • Darsow Family Scholarship - church work students
  • Director of Christian Education Scholarship – Director of Christian Education students
  • Rev. Professor William A. Dobberfuhl Scholarship – pre-ministerial students
  • Michael L. Drake Scholarship - church work students; preference give to Director of Christian Outreach
  • Betty and John Duda Scholarship - financial need
  • Rupert Dunklau Scholarship - Director of Christian Outreach
  • Earth Science Scholarship – earth science students; high cumulative GPA
  • Pastor Henry F. and Marie C. Eggers Ministerial Scholarship – LCMS pre-ministerial students
  • Paul W. Eggert Scholarship – church work students
  • Emery and Almeda Eickhoff Scholarship – church work students
  • Elmer and Darlene Epke Endowed Scholarship - Masters of Teaching program with financial need
  • Fred O. Erbe Memorial Scholarship – pre-ministerial or teacher education church work students; from specific parishes in Iowa
  • Donald and Leone Erickson Scholarship – teacher education church work students; preference given to students of Trinity Lutheran Church of Lake Johanna, Arden Hills, MN
  • Leonard C. Ewald-Norman Brandt Memorial Scholarship – church work students
  • Michael Gangelhoff Scholarship – church work students
  • Arnold W. and Sylvia A. Georg Scholarship – pre-ministerial students
  • Dennis Getzlaff Memorial Scholarship - student athlete; maintain 3.2 GPA; sophomore or junior student; one year completed at CSP
  • Lester A. Gottschalk Scholarship – teacher education church work students
  • Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Grimm Scholarship – church work students; preference given to pre-ministerial students
  • Leona M. Groth Scholarship –revolving scholarship; church work students and pre-med students
  • Rev. Dr. Richard L. Guehna Scholarship – pre-ministerial students
  • Alvina Haack Ministerial Scholarship – pre-ministerial students; German descent with high academic standards
  • Ted Haberer NCAA II Scholarship - student athletes
  • Julie Halbmaier Scholarship – Concordia School of Accelerated Learning students
  • Halvorson/Sohre Memorial Scholarship – general; financial need and/or high academic students
  • Raymond R. Hampel Support and Scholarship - financial need
  • William Randolph Hearst Scholarship – high academic standards, math or science students, minority students
  • Carmen P. Henschen Scholarship - financial need
  • Otto and Sophia Holtz Scholarship – outdoor/environmental biology teacher education students
  • Hilken Family Endowment - Portland, OR nursing students
  • Elmer & Adele Hinze Scholarship - Portland, OR nursing students
  • Holst Scholarship: Access to Opportunity for Excellence - financial need; first generation
  • Robert "Biology Bob" Holtz Environmental Science/Biology Scholarship – environmental science students; high cumulative GPA
  • Marvin and Judith Hoops Scholarship - general
  • Gwen and Beck Horton Scholarship - Africian American student; sophomore, junior or senior student; financial need
  • Dr. Gerhardt W. Hyatt Memorial Scholarship – general; deserving students
  • Mark and Gayle Janzen Scholarship – second career returning students; preferably over age 25 willing to speak the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  • Lorraine and Michael Johnson Scholarship – female students; preference given to Director of Christian Education students
  • Walfred and Julia Johnson Scholarship – church work students
  • Kaden Family Scholarship – church work students
  • Zibell-Kath Pastoral Training Endowment Fund - preministerial students
  • Dean and Susan Kopperud DCE Scholarship - financial need; Director of Christian Education
  • Otto F. and Gertrude B. Krause Scholarship – Director of Parish Music students
  • Martin H. and Alma H. Kretzschmar Scholarship – pre-ministerial students
  • Elsie Kruse Scholarship – pre-ministerial students
  • Theodore and Caroline Kuhn Scholarship – pre-ministerial students
  • Rev. Dr. Martin W. and Lucille E. Lieske Scholarship – church work students
  • Rev. Walter Luedtke Scholarship – pre-ministerial students
  • Dr. Ernest A. Lussky Scholarship – church work students
  • Dr. Martin Luther Scholarship – pre-ministerial and teacher education church work students
  • Lutheran Church of Holy Spirit Scholarship - financial need; Lutheran Classroom Teacher
  • Charlotte Mack Scholarship – Director of Christian Outreach students
  • Peter H. and Corinne (Brockopp) Magnoni Scholarship - church work major, but not a pre-ministerial student; financial need; good academic standing
  • The Arden and Charlotte Malotky Endowed Scholarship - financial need
  • Dr. Paul Manz Director of Parish Music - Director of Parish Ministry students
  • Harold Mattfeld Family Scholarship – church work students
  • Dr. R. Brownell and Ann McGrew Scholarship – Hoffmann Institute
  • Dr. Gerhardt and Dr. Loma Meyer Scholarship – church work students; priority given to teacher education students
  • Pastor Gerhard and Augusta Michael Scholarship – church work students
  • Rev. Dr. Marvin and Melba Middendorf Scholarship – pre-ministerial students
  • Milbarth Football Endowment– Athletic students participating in football; minimum 2.5 GPA
  • Rev. Fred and Frieda Miller Scholarship – pre-ministerial students
  • Marie Minderhout Nursing Scholarship - Portland, OR nursing students
  • William Moenkenmoeller Scholarship – general; deserving students
  • Mr. and Mrs. B.A. Mosling Scholarship – pre-ministerial students; or other church work students
  • H.F.C. Mueller Scholarship – pre-ministerial male students and teacher education female students
  • Dr. Luther Mueller Scholarship – church work students; priority given to teacher education students
  • Marian Lee Mueller Memorial Endowed Nursing Scholarship - - Portland, OR nursing students
  • Wilfred H. Mueller Endowed Scholarship - church work
  • Theodore F. Neils, Sr. Scholarship – worthy students
  • Richard E. Norris Scholarship – band program students majoring in instrumental music education
  • Marvin T. Nystrom Scholarship – U.S. citizens with financial need; minimum 3.0 GPA
  • Dr. Stanley and Eleanor Oexemann Scholarship – U.S. citizens enrolled in Christian mission work; preference given to freshmen having graduated in the top 20%; continuing students must have a minimum 3.0 GPA
  • Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Olsen Scholarship – pre-ministerial or church work students
  • William H. and Georgia B. Olson Scholarship – pre-ministerial students
  • Jim, Nancy and Daniel Ondov (Because of Jesus) Scholarship – pre-ministerial or other church work above average students
  • Verna J. Oster Memorial Scholarship - elementary education teachers
  • E. J. and Anna H. Otto Pre-Seminary Scholarship – church work students
  • Rueben and Margaret Pankow Endowment Fund - church work students
  • Frank and Elsie Papke Scholarship – pre-ministerial students
  • Parents’ Appreciation Scholarship – church work students
  • Jan Pavel Scholarship – pre-ministerial students
  • Carroll E. and Helen L. (Bierwagen) Peter Endowed Scholarship - financial need; church work students
  • Karin Peterson Endowed Scholarship - financial need
  • Richard D. and Joyce Peterson Peters Scholarship – church work students; preference given to minority students
  • Rachel Ann Pocrnich Scholarship – teacher education students; early childhood or elementary
  • Esther Podewils Hoffmann Institute Scholarship Endowment – Hoffmann Institute students
  • W.A. Poehler Alumni Scholarship – church work students; high academic achievement; financial need
  • Pre-ministerial Scholarship Endowment - full-time church work or pre-ministerial program students
  • The Rose Family Nursing Scholarship - nursing students
  • Reinhart and Leona Rose Scholarship - church work students
  • Rev. Louis Rosin Scholarship – pre-ministerial students
  • Henry and Lela Rossow Church Teacher Scholarship – church work teacher education students; male
  • Henry and Lela Rossow Ministerial Scholarship – pre-ministerial students
  • Pastor Kenneth and Lorraine Roufs Scholarship – pre-ministerial American Indian students or pre-ministerial minority students
  • James M. and M. Martha Ryan Scholarship – church work students
  • Walter and Cora Scharf Scholarship – church work students
  • Scheele-Mueller Pre-Seminary Scholarship – pre-ministerial students
  • William T. and Alma H. Schluter Scholarship – general
  • Rev. Alfred Schmalz Endowment Fund - pre-ministerial students
  • Victor and Harriet Schmidt Scholarship – church work students
  • Fritz Schneider Scholarship - church work students
  • Mr. and Mrs. Herman Scholl Scholarship – church work students
  • Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Schroeder Scholarship – general; financial need and academic leadership students
  • Ted and Edna Schroeder Scholarship – general; financial need students
  • Arthur J. Schuette Scholarship – church work students
  • Leigh and Rose Schulze Church Work Scholarship – church work sophomore, junior or senior students
  • Steven Schutte Scholarship – church work teacher education students
  • Rev. Harold Schweigert Endowment Fund – church work students; preference to students of Saint Peter’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, Edina, MN
  • Rev. Earl O. and Mrs. Ruth Schwerman Scholarship – pre-ministerial students
  • Seltz Family Scholarship – church work students
  • Janet Buetow Smith Scholarship - music majors
  • Sohn Ministerial Scholarship – pre-ministerial students
  • Arthur Stanz Scholarship – pre-ministerial students
  • Alfred and Ruth Steinberg Scholarship – church work students; Minnesota North District
  • Peter and Janet Steinhagen Scholarship - 70% volleyball student athlete; 30% art program student
  • The C. F. Stelling Endowed Scholarship - church work students; financial need
  • Robert and Mary G. Stelter Scholarship – general
  • Rev. Roger and Lois Stoehr Scholarship – pre-ministerial students
  • Paul W. Stor Biology Scholarship – biology students; preference given for teaching or pastoral vocations
  • Paul W. Stor Chemistry Scholarship – chemistry students; preference given for teaching or pastoral vocations
  • Esther S. Tiernan Pre-ministerial Scholarship – pre-ministerial students
  • Dr. and Mrs. Leon Titus Band Scholarship – active band member students
  • Carl and Wilhelmina Toensing Scholarship – church teacher and/or church music program students; seniors
  • Carol Anne Trapp Scholarship – pre-ministerial students
  • Treichel Family Scholarship – minority; financial need students from Saint Paul, MN
  • Roy and Elfrieda L. Turnmire Student Scholarship - pre-seminary, teaching, director of Christian education or director of evangelism ministry
  • Clem & Anne Ulbricht Scholarship - enrolled in the CSP nursing program who are pursuing a degree in a church-work program.
  • Linus Ulbricht Memorial Scholarship – general
  • Martin and Loretta Vanseth Scholarship – church work students
  • Rev. James J. and Jane E. Vehling Scholarship- church work students
  • Leroy Vogel Scholarship – pre-ministerial students
  • Volkert Family Scholarship – church work students
  • Mr. Hubert and Mrs. Audrey Voth Scholarship – church work students
  • Erlo Warnke Math/Science Scholarship – math or science students; sophomore or juniors with high GPAs
  • Richard and Jeanne Wegner Director of Christian Outreach Scholarship – Director of Christian Outreach students
  • Dr. and Mrs. Henry Werling Scholarship – church work students in social science programs
  • Dr. Waldo Werning Scholarship - church work students
  • Arnold and Bernice Westlund Scholarship – church work students; junior or senior with a music major or minor
  • E. Virginia Wheelock Scholarship - church work students
  • Elsie L. and Lea A. Wildung Perpetual Scholarship – church work students
  • Della Wolf Scholarship – church work students
  • Rev. Otto H. Zemke Family Scholarship – pre-ministerial students
  • George C. and Erna B. Zielske Scholarship – general
  • Rev. E.W. Zimbrick Scholarship – church work students

Scholarships – Current Use Scholarships

Current Use scholarships are gifts that are received annually, specifically for scholarships, and are to be awarded the academic year after received by Concordia University, St. Paul.  Theses scholarships are awarded to qualified students according to criteria set forth by the donor of the Current Use Scholarship.  Current Use scholarships for academic year 2021-2022 are listed below:   

  • Ronald and Lois Behm Scholarship - financial need; first generation
  • Belland Health Care Annual Scholarship - pursuing a career in health care with a particular interest in nursing
  • Katharine R. Berwald Art Major/Studio Art Endowed Scholarship Fund - art major with an emphasis in studio art and maintaining a "B" average
  • Chicago Crew Scholarship - first generation; financial need; with preference to a student in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences or the College of Education
  • LaRue and Dorothy Fischer Scholarship Fund - science major leading to a career in the medical field, and who have completed at least two years of their undergraduate studies
  • The David and Sandra Frauenshuh Annual Scholarship - half to a health card student; half to a business major
  • Rev. Dr. Brian L. ('79) and Dr. Laurie A. ('80) Friedrich Annual Scholarship - Masters of Teaching Program; financial need
  • Caleb and Nate Hays Memorial Scholarship - student in the Adult Undergraduate Program
  • Julianna Marie Hillmer Annual Scholarship - who participate in one of the Concordia choirs, and who are selected for the scholarship based on vocal audition and the needs of the choral program.
  • The Anna Klombies Annual Scholarship - female students with children; financial need
  • Spirit of Kos Annual Scholarship - baseball student athlete
  • Kathleen and Richard Lane Annual DCE Scholarship - Director of Christian Education student
  • Arlene Kivell Leslie Annual Music Scholarship - financial need; music majo; who have completed at least two years of their undergraduate studies
  • Dr. Loren R. Leslie Science Scholarship - junior or senior science major
  • Anna M. Marchand Annual Scholarship - students who face challenging circumstances and are enrolled in the adult undergraduate program, with preference given to female students.
  • Delbert and Dorleen Mueller Scholarship Fund - shows great potential for outreach and mission ministry, and has a high GPA.
  • Carroll E. and Helen (Bierwagen) Peter Annual Scholarship - junior or senior students/ financial need; half to music major and half to natural science major
  • Rev. Dr. Thomas K. Ries Annual Business Scholarship - senior student; financial need
  • The Annabelle and Colton Rossow Elementary Education Annual Scholarship Fund - financial need to students of color who plan to teach in the inner city or an American city, and are involved in CSP Athletics, with first priority going to a student on the baseball team
  • David M. Roth Golf Scholarship - golf student athlete enrolled in church work
  • Jason and Luma Simmons Annual Scholarship - football student-athlete; financial need; 3.0 GPA
  • Sun-Shin-Mee Annual Scholarship - adult undergrad program student
  • Undergraduate Business Scholarship - business major; junior or senior student; 3.0 GPA
  • Timothy Utter Annual History Scholarship - history major
  • Volm Companies Annual Business Scholarship - business student; financial need; GPA greater than 3.0
  • Volm Companies Annual Church Work Scholarship - church work student; financial need