Student Services/Activities

Student Services

Academic Advising

Academic Advisor -

Your Academic Advisor will assist in course selection and registration, academic and career planning, selecting major/minor, degree planning and connecting you with on-campus resources to ensure academic success.  New students are assigned an academic advisor based on indicated interests or intended academic majors. Peer Advisors provide additional assistance to first-year students and incoming transfer students. For more information about academic advising, contact the Director of Advising at (651) 603-6271

Faculty Advisor -

Your Faculty Advisor assist students in understanding their major/minor, career outcomes and internships or experiential learning.  The faculty advisor provide a mentor relationship with students to help them discover their strengths and how to best put them into practical experiences. 

Academic Advising Center  -

The Academic Advising Center, located in Luther Hall, room 110, offers walk-in advising to all students.  Information on adding and dropping courses, academic policies and procedures, General Education requirements, declaring a major, degree planning and academic appeals

Career Services

Career Development at Concordia University is committed to preparing individuals to make thoughtful and informed choices about their vocation, integrating career planning with academic and student life experience, and teaching skills that contribute to successful career management. For those students unsure of a career direction, career advising is available to help in career planning and decision-making. Numerous resources are available to assist all students in preparing for the job, internship, or graduate school search. Part- and full-time job and internship listings are available on our online job board. A career development course is also available: Career Strategies (SSS 225). For more information about Career Development, contact the Director of Career Development at (651) 603-6148.

Student Accessibility Services

Concordia University is committed to providing an accessible education to qualified, currently enrolled students who have either temporary or longer-term disabilities. A student with a disability is one who has a condition (physical, emotional, cognitive, or acute medical) that significantly impacts their ability to perform daily functional activities. Student Accessibility Services can:

o   help determine if you may have a disabling condition that impacts educational programs or services

o   maintain confidential records pertaining to disability verification separate from an academic file

o   determine reasonable accommodations for courses in cooperation with faculty/students 

o   provide referral for additional testing or supportive services (e.g., counseling, tutoring services)

o   orientation for physical access needs on campus 

o   set up academic supports that may help in classes (e.g., test taking, note taking, alternative text)

o   provide individual, one-one consultation on a wide variety of disability related issues

For more information about Student Accessibility Services visit
Telephone (non–texting): (651) 641–8272, or (651) 641–8207. TTY users: Minnesota Relay (711).

Health Insurance

Starting with the 2019 coverage year, there is no longer an individual mandate for not having health insurance. Concordia University, however, encourages students to still carry their own health insurance prior to coming to campus. Concordia University assumes no liability for student illness or injury and no responsibility for medical bills and/or services contracted for or by students. It is the responsibility of the student to carry the insurance card at all times to have available in case of illness or injury.

Students and families that are concerned about health insurance should know that there are many options available to students. One option is for students to continue coverage under their parent's policy until the age of 26 or purchasing coverage through an insurance exchange. Another would be to utilize state health plans and coverage at or for Minnesota residents,

Learning Services

Learning Services staff assists students in learning skills and strategies that help them achieve academic and personal success. Learning assistance is provided through individual counseling and through several credit-bearing courses. For more information and learning resources, visit the Learning Services website at

Student Support Services Courses (SSS)

CSP Student Support Services courses

Tutoring & Writing Services

Tutoring for courses and subjects is available free of charge to Concordia University students to help them achieve academic success and improve their study skills. Writing support is available to all students to help them improve the focus, content, clarity, grammar, and mechanics of their writing. Tutoring and writing services are available in-person or online in one-on-one or group settings. Additional information is available on the Tutoring & Writing Support website at

Students who excel in subjects may apply to become Peer Tutors. This position provides students with the opportunity to explore their interests, connect with others, practice workplace skills, and enjoy the additional benefits of increasing their understanding of a subject. Additional information on becoming a tutoring is available at

Service Learning

Service-learning at Concordia University is defined as an experiential approach to teaching and learning that intentionally combines meaningful community or public service with an academic application, development of civic responsibility and personal growth. Service-learning opportunities are ones that are mutually beneficial. Service-learning opportunities can be either curricular – that is, tied to a class – or co-curricular, and these opportunities may involve direct service, indirect service, advocacy, or research. In addition to several course offerings, the Center for Student Engagement also offers a variety of other opportunities for students to engage, including (but not limited to) student club involvement, National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week, and service trips over winter and spring breaks. For more information, contact the CSE Director at (651) 641-8236 or check out the website at the CSE website (

University Ministry

University Ministry at Concordia University, Saint Paul, also known as CSP Ministry, seeks to provide a Christ-centered, team-based, approach to ministry that supports the spiritual formation of a diverse student population within the context of the Christian Gospel found in the Scriptures. We commit to being a relational presence across the university, walking with students of every kind during their Concordia experience. CSP Ministry serves the spiritual needs of the Concordia community with prayer support, discipleship, encouragement, and devotional and relational opportunities. 

Whether you describe yourself to be a life-long Lutheran, a new Christian, someone just asking questions about faith, or at any other place in your spiritual life, you are welcome to participate in chapel services, Bible studies, and conversations. CSP Ministry is here to meet you where you are on your spiritual journey and invites you to experience God’s love for you expressed in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Ministry Opportunities

  •        Morning Chapel
    • Monday & Friday at 10:30am
    • Tuesday & Thursday at 11:30am
    • Wednesday Communion 7:30am
  •        Evening Chapel
    • Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday at 10:00pm
    • Wednesday at 9:08pm
  •        Lectors
  •        Musicians
  •        Sound Technicians
  •        Scripture Studies
  •        Cornerstone Men’s Ministry
  •        Propel Women’s Ministry
  •        908 (Wednesday evening student-led, contemporary chapel service)
  •        Evening Chapel Coordinators and Musicians

Chapel Services and Devotional Life

Concordia University’s sense of community is rooted in its commitment to a Christian perspective within the Lutheran tradition. Times of devotion around scripture and song are at the center of campus life and relate to all campus activities, whether academic, social, cultural, or co-curricular. All members of the campus community are welcomed as participants in the devotional assembly. Chapel is held each weekday morning as well as Monday-Thursday evenings in addition to festival celebrations and devotional activities in spaces across campus.

Spiritual Care

CSP Ministry seeks to be a support and walk along side of students through their journey at Concordia University. Spiritual care, including conversation, prayer, hospital visits, and other resources are available from the CSP Ministry staff. CSP Ministry staff are confidential personnel.  Additionally, personal and academic counseling services are available with Student Accessibility Services and Learning Services. 

Prayer requests can be submitted at or and can be kept confidential or prayed for in chapel. To request spiritual care or get connected with CSP Ministry staff, email or

NCAA Division II Athletics

Intercollegiate athletics are considered an integral part of Concordia University’s educational experience. Concordia University is a member of the Northern Sun Intercollegiate Conference and a member of the NCAA Division II.

The university is a member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and agrees to abide by the rules and policies governing the association. Eligibility rules and regulations governing students’ participation in intercollegiate athletics are available through the office of the Athletic Director.

The Director of Athletics supervises and directs the intercollegiate program of athletics for men and women. The Director of Athletics recommends the appointment of coaches for the various teams.

  • Men's Baseball
  • Men's Basketball
  • Women's Basketball
  • Men's Cross Country
  • Women's Cross Country
  • Men's Football
  • Women's Golf
  • Men's Golf
  • Women's Lacrosse
  • Women's Soccer
  • Women's Softball
  • Women's Swim and Dive
  • Men's Indoor & Outdoor Track
  • Women's Indoor & Outdoor Track
  • Women's Volleyball

Other Activities & Organizations