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Student Support Services (SSS)

SSS 103   CSP Seminar 1 credit

This course guides and supports students making the transition from high school to university study. Students will be introduced to resources available on campus, learn ways to be engaged, and practices strategies for success. Students with fewer than 20 transfer credits and former PSEO students who earned college credits in high-school-setting-only are required to take this course their semester on campus.

SSS 111   College Success Skills 1 credit

This course prepares students for the complexity and intensity of college-level demands. The course focuses on the types of textual material students will encounter in various academic disciplines, e.g., history, psychology, science, literature, and so on. Emphasis is placed on developing the critical thinking required to successfully complete college coursework

SSS 121   Pathway to Academic Success Coaching (PASS) 1 credit

This course is designed to help students learn and practice strategies to be a successful student. Students will work one on one with their instructor using a mentor model to discuss topics including, but not limited to, time management, self-awareness, academic success, and career exploration.

SSS 125   Student Success Strategies 3 credits

This course will enable students to develop the necessary skills to lead themselves academically, personally and professionally. This course will teach students about the resources and technology available to assist in their academic success. Specific topics of time management and goal setting will lead students to develop and utilize appropriate study techniques. Topics in life skills will lead students to a better understanding of self and others, and encourage the development and utilization of strategies to promote positive relationships, self-management, and professionalism. This course is recommended for students new to CSP or online learning.

SSS 200   Leadership Development 3 credits

As you summit Macchu Piccu, learn about your own leadership potential and build skills in goal-setting, conflict management, boundary-setting, team-building, group facilitation, and morale boosting. Apply concepts in ethics, servant leadership, emotional intelligence, and leadership styles to your own life and roles today while developing strengths for your future. (This class includes a study abroad and service-learning component.) Additional trip fees will apply.

SSS 201   Transfer Transitions 1 credit

The Transfer Transitions course guides and supports transfer students entering the Concordia University community by familiarizing them with campus resources, campus culture, and opportunities for success. The course fosters a smooth, effective, and efficient college to college transition. Designed for transfer students who have completed 20 - 90 college-level credits.

SSS 225   Career Strategies 2 credits

This course will allow students to evaluate how their individual strengths and skills are relevant and related to the need of a potential employer. Students will develop best practices for professional networking, resume writing and interviewing. Using knowledge gained in this course, students will be able to tailor their professional brand to specific employers and job positions.

SSS 450   General Studies Capstone 1 credit

SSS 497   College Transitions Tchg Asst 1 credit

Assist new students' successful transition from high school to college through College Transitions course.