College of Business and Technology

Finance (FIN)

FIN 211   Personal Finance 2 credits

This course presents an overview of the financial planning process for individuals. The focus is on the decision-making tools and applications of financial planning. Students will build their own financial plan that will guide their financial decisions in the present and in the future.

FIN 301   Corporate Finance I 4 credits

This course explores the basics of financial management. Topics include the capital markets, the cash budget, pro forma statements, analysis of financial statements, and the time value of money Students also complete a research project. It is highly recommended that students take MAT 110 or have a basic understanding of statistics before taking this course. (Prerequisites: Minimum grade of C- in ACC 201 or ACC 384)

FIN 311   Corporate Finance II 4 credits

This course continues the examination of various corporate finance topics from Corporate Finance I. Special focus is given to long-term financing, including bonds, preferred stock, common stock and the optimal capital structure. Students also explore capital budgeting and the cost of capital and dividend policy. (Prerequisite: CSC 210 and Minimum grade of a C in ACC 201 and FIN 301)

FIN 411   Investments and Capital Markets 4 credits

This course explores investment decision-making in a capitalist economy. The operation of securities markets, business cycles and fiscal and monetary policy are analyzed. Various investment methodologies are discussed. International investing, valuation of stocks and bonds and a survey of the various types of investment assets are also included. Students prepare an investment portfolio as their final project. (Prerequisite: FIN 301)

FIN 413   Money and Banking 4 credits

Gain a deeper/broader view of the financial system and financial markets as you explore the evolution of money, money creation, inflation, the economy and the development of the banking system. The course determines the impact of money on Classical, Keynesian and Monetarist theories as well as on financial institutions and financial intermediaries. (Prerequisites: ECO 103, CSC 210, ACC 201, FIN 301).

FIN 488   Independent Study 1-4 credits

FIN 498   Internship 1-16 credits