Curriculum Instruction (CI)

CI 525   Innovation in Learning and Teaching 3 credits

Learners explore the science of learning, the curriculum for K-12 educational environments, and theories and innovation for teaching in diverse classrooms.

CI 560   Curriculum and Instruction in Literacy 3 credits

An examination of the history of the school curriculum, the fundamentals of curriculum design, and methods of implementation for literacy.

CI 561   Foundations of Literacy 3 credits

A survey of the historical and theoretical development of literacy education and expectations for becoming an effective literacy teacher.

CI 562   Literacy Strategies for Grades K-6 3 credits

An investigation of literature and effective literacy strategies for the elementary classroom.

CI 563   Literacy Strategies for Grades 7-12 3 credits

A review of adolescent literature and effective literacy strategies for learners in grades 7-12.

CI 564   Assessment, Evaluation, and Supervision in Literacy Programs 3 credits

Administration and analysis of individual and group assessments and strategies for supervising literacy programs and communicating student progress.

CI 570   Writing Across the Content Areas 3 credits

This course focuses on understanding the writing process in order to effectively teach and develop K-12 writers. Instructional methods for incorporating writing across the curriculum, including strategies for writing instruction with English learners and diverse populations are emphasized to support student literacy learning.

CI 575   Teaching Literacy for Diverse Learners 3 credits

This course focuses on the culturally and linguistically responsive teaching of English learners that will promote efficacy and proficiency in speaking, listening, reading, and writing in Standard English.

CI 585   Educational Assessment 3 credits

Curriculum, instruction, and assessment work together to support student learning. In this course, learners develop the knowledge and skills to practice effective assessment of student learning and program quality in educational settings.

CI 587   Reading across the Content Areas 3 credits

This course focuses on strategies for effectively teaching K-12 students to read a variety of written materials in diverse content areas across the curriculum.