College of Health and Science

Public Health (PUB)

PUB 225   Foundations of Public Health 3 credits

Learn about the field of public health, which centers on promoting health, preventing disease, and advancing health equity. Examine the history, philosophy, and core values of public health and its interdisciplinary approach to population-based health. Explore various aspects of public health, including determinants of health, health disparities, and the use of data for evidence-based practice. Discover the career opportunities available within the public health field.

PUB 250   Chronic and Infectious Human Disease and Prevention 3 credits

Analyze the impact of chronic and infectious diseases on population health. Learn the underlying science of human health and disease by exploring the biological processes associated with disease development. Apply this foundational science knowledge to disease management, health promotion, and disease prevention.

PUB 275   Environmental Health and Emergency Preparedness 3 credits

Explore the critical areas of environmental health and emergency preparedness and their role in public health. Delve into the impact of environmental factors on public health and learn effective strategies for emergency planning, response, and community resilience. Develop a holistic understanding of the environment's role in health promotion and disease prevention as well as the preparation for, mitigation of, and response to public health emergencies.

PUB 300   Principles of Epidemiology 3 credits

Explore the foundations of epidemiology as the study of the distribution and determinants of population-based health outcomes, diseases, and events. Learn about morbidity and mortality measures as well as study design and analysis of observational and experimental studies. Develop skills related to community health assessment and the application of epidemiologic concepts to real-world public health challenges.

PUB 325   Health Care Delivery Systems 3 credits

Explore the structure, organization, and management of health care systems. Analyze various models of health care delivery, including public, private, and mixed systems, and assess factors influencing access, quality, cost, and outcomes. Develop an understanding of complexities and challenges with health care delivery, and explore potential solutions for improving health care delivery and health equity through case studies.

PUB 350   Conceptual Foundations of Health Equity 3 credits

Explore the conceptual bases of health equity, the underlying causes and the disparity models used to define it. Study practical examples and strategies for promoting health equity and the strength of evidence supporting these strategies.

PUB 375    Foundations of Global Public Health 3 credits

Assess health issues throughout the world and the determinants influencing morbidity and mortality on a global scale. Evaluate the health care and public health systems in other countries and their influence on the health status in those regions and worldwide.

PUB 405   Assessment and Planning in Public Health 3 credits

Delve into the principles and practices of public health assessment and planning. Learn to assess the health needs of populations and develop skills in developing evidence-based public health plans to address real-world public health challenges.

PUB 428   Evaluation Methods in Public Health 3 credits

Explore the principles and techniques of evaluating public health programs and interventions. Learn about evaluation approaches, methods, and tools, including qualitative and quantitative methods as well as strategies for data collection, analysis, and interpretation of results. Develop skills in evaluating the effectiveness and impact of public health programs and interventions. (Prerequisite: PUB 405)

PUB 465    Legal and Ethical Aspects of Health Care 3 credits

Examine the complex legal and ethical issues in health care and public health. Explore legal and ethical frameworks governing health care delivery, including topics such as patient rights, confidentiality, informed consent, liability, and end-of-life care. Through case studies, analyze and critically evaluate real-world scenarios and develop an understanding of the legal and ethical principles that guide decision-making in health care settings.

PUB 475   Public Health Capstone 3 credits

Integrate, synthesize, and apply learning throughout the program in this capstone experience.