College of Business and Technology

Marketing (MAR)

MAR 301   Principles of Marketing 4 credits

This course provides an introduction to the study of marketing in business and other organizations. Topics that will be addressed in this course include the marketing environment, marketing ethics, information gathering, product development, pricing strategies, distribution strategies, the promotional mix, decision making, nonprofit marketing, social marketing and international marketing.

MAR 312   Consumer Behavior 4 credits

This course addresses the theoretical background for understanding consumer behavior. This course will examine the interaction between the environment, consumer's affect and cognition and a consumer's ultimate behavior. Various theories and perspectives on consumer motivation, attitude formation, information processing, and decision-making will be discussed throughout this course.

MAR 313   Advertising and Promotions 4 credits

This course is designed to provide students with a basic understanding of integrated marketing communications through advertising, promotions, personal selling, public relations and internet marketing. Ethical issues related to these topics will be examined and trends in consumer and business-to-business buyer behaviors will be explored. (Prerequisite: MAR 301)

MAR 413   Marketing Research 4 credits

This course will teach some of the fundamental tools needed to analyze the behavior and attitudes of all types of consumers. Students will acquire an overview of scientific methods and the research process. Skills learned will include learning how to identify problems, formulate problem definitions, define research objectives, choose and develop the research design, analyze data, and write up and present a report. Students will be taught several research techniques including survey, observation, focus groups, in-depth interviews, projective techniques, experimentation, and secondary data analysis. This course is for seniors only.(Prerequisites: MAR 301)

MAR 414   Marketing Strategy 4 credits

This is the senior marketing capstone course. In the class we will discuss how marketing strategy, tactics, theory and practice are integrated. Students will learn to apply strategic thinking through case analysis and through class facilitation and frequent participation. (Prerequisite: MAR 301 and MAR 413)

MAR 470   Digital Marketing 2 credits

This course will focus on the latest tactics and techniques used by companies in online marketing. Online, digital, social media, and e-commerce, search engine, and mobile marketing are all growing aspects of integrated marketing campaigns. Students will learn the fundamental elements of effective online marketing and will prepare marketing plans that incorporate these new tactics. (Prerequisite or Corequisite: MAR 301 and Junior standing)

MAR 471   Global Marketing 2 credits

This course examines the complexities of international marketing. The scope and nature of international and global marketing operations are introduced. The influence of culture on global marketing is explored. The traditional elements of marketing, including price, product, promotion, distribution, and service are examined in the context of international markets. Students are asked to analyze what it takes to introduce a product into a foreign market. (Prerequisite: MAR 301)

MAR 488   Marketing Independent Study 1-4 credits

MAR 498   Marketing Internship 1-12 credits