College of Business and Technology

Supply Chain Management (SCMX)

SCMX 200   Forecasting & Logistics 3 credits

Have you ever wondered how that Amazon package arrived at your door so quickly? Supply chain management is the process by which organizations get us the products we consume, and companies need talented employees to help optimize their supply chain. This course will teach you how to use forecasting techniques to match supply and demand, and how to develop logistics networks that help minimize costs and deliver top customer service. This online class has optional live sessions.

SCMX 210   Sourcing & Operations 3 credits

In today’s modern economy, something as simple as a razor might be manufactured in multiple countries with each part coming from a different supplier. This course will teach you how businesses manage this increasing complexity behind the scenes through efficient sourcing of suppliers and operations. You will have the opportunity to apply this knowledge by conducting a real-world case study of a product of your choosing. This online class has optional live sessions. (Prerequisite: SCMX 200)

SCMX 300   Supply Chain Management Technologies 3 credits

This course covers the major relevant supply chain technologies and systems. In this course, you'll survey the systems that enable the supply chain in best-in-class supply chain organizations. Understanding of how information flows throughout the supply chain is critical to managing a supply chain and this will be the main focus in this course. By the end of this course, you will have gained a basic understanding of how supply chain systems work and how they make the supply chain more efficient and effective. This online class has optional live sessions. (Prerequisites: SCMX 200 and SCMX 210)

SCMX 310   Supply Chain in Action 3 credits

Everything from the best concert you saw, to your Covid-19 vaccine relies on the existence of effective supply chains. In this course, you’ll learn about the application of supply chain systems to vital real-world functions. By the end of this class, you’ll have a much better understanding of why supply chain management is vitally important, how it intersects with business, national and global interest, and how supply chains literally save the world. This online class has optional live sessions.

SCMX 400   Supply Chain Capstone/ Practicum 3 credits

This course - built in collaboration with corporate advisors - is the culmination of your work as a student of supply chain management. In this course, you'll be tasked with creating a series of solutions to actual problems faced by a real-world company in delivering their product to consumers. By the end of this course, you will have built experience in solving real-world supply chain problems and seeing how your solutions compare to the professionals. This online class has optional live sessions.(Prerequisites: SCMX 200 and SCMX 210)