College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Theatre (THR)

THR 101   Introduction to The Theatre 2 credits

This course introduces the student to basic history, theory, production and performance elements of theatre arts. Students learn about theatre from many perspectives. In addition to studying primary and secondary materials, taking quizzes and/or tests, students participate in end of term individual or group projects. Attendance at area theatre productions required.

THR 111   Theatre in Practice 0-2 credits

Concordia's theatre department, in service to campus and community, offers opportunities for involvement in major theatre productions, workshop dramas, and various experimental undertakings during the school year. Auditions for all productions are open to all Concordia students. This course can include work on theatrical productions as actors and/or crews.

THR 112   Theatre in Practice II 0-2 credits

Credit is given for major involvement in theatre productions, workshops, and other approved situations. Major involvement is defined as activities such as stage managing, assistant directing, designing, and directing projects. (Prerequisite: consent of instructor)

THR 131   Improvisation 2 credits

This course will provide basic instruction in performance improvisational techniques for the theatre.

THR 160   Introduction to Dance 2 credits

This course examines the fundamental principles, practices, and vocabulary of the basic movement skills of dance, introducing it as both an art form and exercise activity. A special emphasis is placed on Cultural Folk Dances from around the world, their origin, purpose, history, function, costume, music, and dance steps.The basics of modern, ballet, tap, and jazz dance movement are incorporated into warm ups to provide a wide overview of dance technique. Through readings, research, and film viewing, students are introduced to basic dance forms and history. Students are introduced to each dance style with a focus on body awareness and alignment. Warm ups and across the floor movement are incorporated to develop strength, flexibility, musicality, and coordination.

THR 201   Dance for Musical Theatre 3 credits

Through the study and practice of the various styles of dance used on the musical theatre stage, such as ballet, modern, jazz, and tap, this course will focus on dance technique, character development through movement, and performance skills. Execution and exploration of choreographed pieces from musical theatre repertoire will be taught and performed in a final Student Showcase. Students will be introduced to a wide dance vocabulary as well as to the major contributors/choreographers of Musical Theatre. Prerequisite: May be repeated once as an elective which may count as a general elective or be credited to a theatre major.

THR 221   Acting I 4 credits

Through improvisation, monologue, and scene work, students learn and develop the basic techniques for approaching the acting process. These include relaxation, imagination, spontaneity, concentration, character analysis, and using the voice, face, and body to assist in creating a complete and complex character.

THR 241   Script Analysis 4 credits

Students will analyze a variety of performance texts from differing perspectives. A traditional approach incorporating literary analysis to understand the internal workings of the text on paper, will be combined with an examination of the text as it may be translated into performance, from the perspectives of the designer, director and actor.

THR 251   Stagecraft 4 credits

The course provides an introduction to the scope, tools, materials and practices of stagecraft and technical management in the theatre today. The course utilizes formal lectures, group discussion, outside projects, attendance at outside theatre productions and practical lab sessions to cover the material presented.

THR 253   Makeup for the Stage 2 credits

Fundamentals of two and three-dimensional stage make-up through character analysis, design and application. Extensive practical experience through laboratory and possible crew work on departmental productions. Each student will be required to purchase his or her own makeup materials.

THR 262   Modern Dance Technique 3 credits

Students will be introduced to the basic movements, concepts, and technique of modern dance with a focus on breath, strength, alignment, and flexibility. Students will learn about the pioneers of modern dance (Loie Fuller, Isadora Duncan, Ruth St. Denis, Doris Humphrey, Martha Graham) as well as the current contributors to the dance form, regarding their stylistic contributions and differences. Reading assignments and quizzes will be given in addition to the technique class. Students will learn and perform a modern dance piece during the semester and perform in a final student showcase.

THR 263   Jazz Dance Technique 3 credits

This course will introduce and practice the basic movement, dance terminology, and style of jazz dance technique, focusing on stretch, strength, body awareness, rhythmic ability, and coordination. An appreciation and study of the origins and evolution of jazz dance, along with its major contributors, will be emphasized. The technique class will focus on jazz dance vocabulary and steps, isolations, center combinations, and across the floor patterns. Students will learn a choreographed jazz dance and perform in a final student showcase.

THR 264   Hip Hop Technique 3 credits

This course is focused on the original Hip Hop dance form known as "Breaking." Students will learn about the origins and history of Breaking and will be introduced to various levels of the dance such as: Toprock, Go-Downs, Footwork, Powermoves, and Freezes. Technique class will toggle between practicing moves with repetition to letting go and freestyling to the music. Performance skills will be experienced through choreography, battles and cyphers. Studying, discussing and reflecting on videos and individual/peer performance will be essential to understanding the values of the dance such as: resourcefulness, playfulness, resilience, creativity and confidence. The semester will end with a final performance that will include choreography and freestyle. No dance background is needed.

THR 291   Topics in Theatre 1-4 credits

This course offers in-depth analysis of a selected topic in theatre such as film, children's theatre, drama in worship, stage management, or theatre management in a seminar setting. The needs of students and interest of theatre faculty determine content.

THR 301   New York Theatre Tour 2 credits

Faculty will lead a one-week exploration of contemporary theatre in New York City. Participants will attend several productions and will participate in discussions following each performance. Tour is scheduled during the second week of January even numbered years. Additional fee for housing and transportation. A reaction paper is required at the conclusion of the tour.

THR 302   London Theatre Tour 2 credits

An immersion into London's vibrant theatre scene, this course explores numerous aspects of the English stage, including both the classical and modern theatre traditions. Participants will attend several productions and visit historic literary sites. Students may also participate in a workshops offered by various theatre organizations. In preparation for this work, participants may be asked to prepare a Shakespeare monologue. The tour will include a day trip to Stratford Upon Avon and the Royal Shakespeare Company. Assessment will be based on two play reviews as well as a final paper on a selected topic. Additional Fees Required.

THR 321   Acting II 4 credits

Further principles in developing a character are learned through more monologue and scene work. Advanced techniques of breathing, rhythm, focus and facial mask are taught to help the student explore the field of potential and lead the actor out of the known and into the unknown. (Offered every other year. Prerequisite: THR 221 or consent of instructor)

THR 326   Voice, Diction & Dialects 2 credits

Students learn production and placement of sound through various exercises, leading to character development. Students also are introduced to techniques for learning a foreign dialect.

THR 355   Scenic Design 4 credits

This course is an introduction to the theory and techniques of scenery design. Three subject areas are combined to formulate the scope of the course: literature analysis, aesthetic design techniques and materials, pragmatic design production, and organization. Attendance at area theatre productions is required. Laboratory hours required. (Prerequisite: THR 251 or consent of instructor)

THR 356   Costume Design 4 credits

This course will be an introduction to the art and practice of costume design. Emphasis will be on analysis of the costume design process and organization from script to design concept to the workable costume for the actor. Attendance at area theatre productions is required. Laboratory hours required. (Prerequisite: THR 251 or consent of instructor)

THR 357   Lighting and Sound 4 credits

This course is an introduction to the theory and the techniques of lighting and sound design for the stage. Three subject areas in both aspects of theatre will be discussed in this course: basic understanding and connection of the equipment, basic design, and a basic understanding of the aesthetics of sound and lighting design. Laboratory hours required. (Prerequisite: THR 251 or consent of instructor)

THR 364   Tap Technique 3 credits

This course is an introduction to the fundamental vocabulary and technique of tap dance, its history as an art form and its major contributors to the style. Students learn a basic technical foundation, with an emphasis on the building block steps (brush, spank, shuffle, flap, cramp roll, Buffalo, Maxie Ford, Shim Sham, Time Steps) while concentrating on proper articulation and execution of movement. Film viewing, projects, and quizzes on vocabulary are given in addition to the technique class. A choreographed piece is taught which students perform in the final Student Showcase.

THR 365   Dance History 3 credits

A survey of dance history from its origins in ancient civilizations up to present day, this course examines the function of dance in a social, political, religious, and cultural context. Through test reading, research projects, and film viewing, students will analyze the development of dance, its significance, and role in history. Students learn dance steps and dances from primitive societies, ancient Egypt, Medieval and Renaissance times, as well as dances of the 19th and 20th centuries, and perform a choreographed piece in the final Student Showcase.

THR 366   Choreography 3 credits

This course will explore the process of dance making by studying the principles of composition, thematic development and organization of movement material. Students will learn how to use the basic elements of dance (Time, Space, Energy) for the development of dance phrases and combinations. Choreographic devices and structures, as well as various means for inspiration, are explored through movement studies. Students use these creative skills to develop small group dances which are performed in the final Student Showcase.

THR 367   Ballet Technique 3 credits

This course will introduce the basic technique, style and movement vocabulary of classical ballet. Students learn the basic positions of the feet and arms, fundamental ballet steps, and French terminology through barre exercises, center floor work, combinations, and across the floor patterns. This class emphasizes ballet vocabulary and style, proper placement, body alignment, strength, flexibility and musicality. Quizzes are given on ballet terms and vocabulary. Students learn a choreographed ballet piece and perform in the final Student Showcase.

THR 445   Theatre History, Theory, and Literature I 4 credits

A survey course covering the history, theory and literature of theatre from the beginnings of performance up to the early Renaissance in the west. Readings of primary sources are combined with secondary sources such as criticism, videos, and attendance at live theatre events to form a theoretical and historical context for specific periods of development and specific dramatic works.

THR 446   Theatre History, Theory, and Literature II 4 credits

A survey course covering the history, theory and literature of theatre starting from the Renaissance in the west up to modern theatre of performance in the variety of contexts we may study today. Readings of primary sources is combined with secondary sources such as criticism, video, and attendance at live theatre events to form a theoretical and historical context for specific periods of development and specific dramatic works.

THR 478   Directing 4 credits

Studio course focusing on the basic fundamentals of stage direction. Script analysis and directorial concepts are executed throughout the semester in preparation for a final prepared performance in the form of a one act play or excerpt from a full-length play. As directing requires knowledge of many aspects of the theatrical art, this course is seen as a culminating activity taken after a solid foundation of other theatre course work. Attendance at area productions is required. (Prerequisite: THR 241)

THR 488   Independent Study in Theatre 1-4 credits

Independent study offers students an opportunity to investigate and study an area of theatre of their own choosing.

THR 498   Theatre Internship 4-16 credits

Students participate in a first-hand theatre experience at a local professional or semi-professional theatre. The student, through observation and/or direct involvement, learns practical application of drama theories and theatrical principles. The student and internship advisor select an appropriate internship site that meets the needs and interests of the student. (Prerequisite: Consent of advisor and department chair)