The Arts (ARTX)

ARTX 501   Poetry in the Classroom 3 credits

Transform your classroom from poetry on the page to poetry to engage! Poetry provides a space for students' voices to be heard and for them to listen to the voices of their peers. But how do we do it? As Shakespeare would say, “fear not!” In this course, you will discover the ways that poetry supports both academic skills AND social-emotional learning (SEL). Regardless of your teaching context, you will engage with poetry materials and resources from a variety of grade levels (elementary and secondary) and across all subjects so that you can celebrate poetry in every classroom you enter. By the end of this course, you will have the tools needed to effectively implement poetry instruction in your classroom. Write on! This course is offered through the Teaching Channel.

ARTX 502   Assessments in the Arts 3 credits

Using the strategies from this course, you’ll ensure your students take away what you intended, and will develop a long-lasting, and meaningful, appreciation of the arts. Applying traditional assessment to art instruction can pose challenges because what matters in the art classroom is: instilling a love of art, creativity, experimentation, and other things that can’t always be measured! The nature and diversity of art-based disciplines means assessments like multiple-choice tests and essays often can’t adequately measure student learning. In this course, you will evaluate and create a variety of formative and summative art assessment strategies for your classroom. You’ll explore techniques for evaluating student performance based on your learning objectives, including journals, portfolios, and integrated performances. In addition, you’ll learn how to sequence activities that build in opportunities for students to reflect on their creative art experiences. This course is offered through the Teaching Channel.

ARTX 504   Integrating Music Across Content Areas 3 credits

Music is all around us! It sparks emotion, strengthens memory, and connects multiple systems in the brain which makes it an amazing tool to use in the classroom. This course will focus on how music can be integrated into classroom routines and lessons to enhance students’ learning experiences. Participants will look at music’s affect on the brain, its role as a teaching tool, and the social-emotional impact music has on students. You will explore ways to integrate music into your content area and make plans for implementation, learn strategies to use music as a social emotional support and create activities to foster cultural awareness. Unleash the power of music in the classroom to boost creativity, engagement, and academic achievement. This course is offered through the Teaching Channel.

ARTX 505   Positive Practices for the Art Classrooms 3 credits

Designed for art educators, this course teaches ways to effectively manage a creative classroom so all students can thrive. With the focus on establishing rules, routines, and relationship building, teachers will learn how to nurture students’ imaginations in a classroom that provides structure and predictability. Explore the ways in which clear communication and culturally responsive practices can help to develop students’ unique strengths and interests. Discover how the rich course resources include ideas for maintaining a positive classroom that champions students’ artistic abilities. Learn how to establish healthy dynamics for a productive learning environment where all students can uncover and celebrate their creativity. This course is offered through the Teaching Channel.

ARTX 506   Engaging Students with Classical Music 3 credits

Bring classical music to life in your classroom! In this course, you will learn how classical music, more specifically Western European music, has evolved over time through the four main musical eras. You will take a look at impactful composers of each era, develop an artifact to share composer information with students, and create learning experiences to incorporate their music into your teaching. Whether you are a music teacher, general educator, or teach a specialist subject, you will walk away with a symphony of knowledge and strategies to incorporate classical music education into your classroom! This course is offered through the Teaching Channel.

ARTX 507   Jazzing up your Classroom 3 credits

In this course, you will take a look at the history and development of jazz music and its various styles, jazz’s historical context, and some of the leading figures in jazz. You will develop an artifact to share what you have learned about jazz music with students, and create learning experiences to incorporate jazz music into your teaching. You’ll even learn about some of the more technical aspects that make jazz….jazz! Whether you are a music teacher, general educator, or teach a specialist subject, you will walk away with knowledge and strategies to incorporate jazz music education into your classroom increasing student understanding, appreciation, and enjoyment of jazz music. This course is offered through the Teaching Channel.

ARTX 509   The Powerful Effects of Music on the Brain 3 credits

It’s been said that music makes you smarter, and although this is an overly-generalized statement, there is truth to it. In this course, you will explore current research supporting the connection between music and the brain and design learning experiences aligned to that science. You will also learn about various aspects of music education, including the social-emotional benefits, the impact of a growth mindset, and the importance of inclusivity in the music classroom. Whether you are a music teacher, general educator, or teach a specialist subject, you will walk away with strategies to use in your classroom that benefit each learner and knowledge that will strengthen your professional philosophy. This course is offered through the Teaching Channel.

ARTX 510   Flip Your Classroom for Active Learning 3 credits

This course invites you to explore the possibilities of flipping your classroom as an innovative instructional strategy. You'll examine your own instructional style and discover how integrating the flipped classroom approach can enhance your teaching effectiveness. Take the time to brainstorm content-focused ideas and strategies for implementing the flipped classroom in specific subject areas. Put theory into practice by selecting one of the six flipped learning models and applying it to a topic within your classroom. Learn how to design pre- and post activities experiences that amplify student learning across three of your curriculum topics. Finally, you’ll explore technology’s role in the flipped classroom by crafting an activity to apply technology tools.Revolutionize your teaching practice with the power of flipping the classroom! This course is offered through the Teaching Channel.

ARTX 511   Creativity Reboot for the Art Teacher’s Classroom 3 credits

Spark your inspiration and get creative in this one-of-a kind course, designed by an art educator, for PreK-12th grade visual art teachers! Creativity is an essential component of a vibrant art classroom, and it starts with the teacher. Guided by the course text, Keep Going: 10 Ways to Stay Creative in Good Times and Bad, you’ll reconnect with your creative process and foster an environment that encourages student creativity, too. You’ll develop activities that support students’ social-emotional skills and identity, engage with “artivism,” and build connections through collaborative and local art. Because traditional grading practices can stifle creativity, you’ll learn how to design meaningful assessments that promote reflection and ongoing growth. “Creativity Pauses” sprinkled throughout nurture your imagination along the way. After completing this course, you’ll be energized to incorporate new ideas for a creativity reboot in your classroom! This course is offered through the Teaching Channel.

ARTX 512   Teaching for Equity in the Music Classroom 3 credits

Music educators are uniquely positioned to provide learning experiences that bridge students' culture and the universal language of music. This course goes beyond the Western classical perspective to honor a different approach: one that both affirms the music students are familiar with, and includes strategies to expand musical understanding. Through exploration, reflection, and implementation you’ll gather resources to create a more representative curriculum, design inclusive lessons to meet diverse student needs, and make a plan to engage community musicians to help students experience new genres and styles. Ideal for general music, band, choir, and orchestra teachers (PreK-12+), this culturally responsive approach to music education will transform learning for all students and inspire a lifelong love of music! This course is offered through the Teaching Channel.

ARTX 513   Educational Innovation with Arts Integration 3 credits

Transform learning in your classroom with arts integration! In this innovative approach, students deepen learning of core content through arts experiences, while fostering understanding and appreciation of the art form. Arts integration offers authentic opportunities for differentiation, UDL, culturally responsive teaching, and social-emotional learning to meet students’ individual needs. Discover why and how the arts enhance engagement, creativity, and achievement, while boosting 21st century skills. Foster a safe classroom environment where creative risk-taking, collaborative problem-solving, and students’ identities are encouraged and celebrated. Don’t consider yourself an artist? This course will help! We’ll share resources to prepare all PreK through high school teachers to integrate visual and media arts, music, dance, and theater into any grade level or content area. Whether you’re an arts educator interested in expanding arts opportunities in your school, or a teacher of any subject, you’ll complete this course inspired and energized to spark deeper learning with arts integration! This course is offered through the Teaching Channel.