College of Business and Technology

Management (MAN)

MAN 101   Introduction to Business 2,4 credits

This is a survey course intended to give students an overview of accounting, economics, finance, management and marketing.

MAN 120   Business Fundamentals and Entrepreneurship 2 credits

Learn what it means to be an entrepreneur while exploring foundational concepts in management, marketing, economics, and finance/accounting. Create a full business plan for a small business in class, making daily decisions about the business in a dynamic environment.

MAN 201   Business Analytics 2 credits

In this course students will learn to use various tools to analyze data and make predictions. These tools include probability analysis, hypothesis testing, regression analysis, linear programming and tools for financial analysis. (Prerequisite: MAT 110)

MAN 202   Analytics, Modeling, and Techniques 2 credits

Apply tools and techniques learned through statistical modeling and visualizing data to improve skills in predictive and prescriptive analytics. Structured and unstructured data will be examined through data mining, web mining, text mining and sentiment analysis. (Prerequisites: MAT 110 and MAN 201)

MAN 204   Legal Environment of Business 2 credits

This course examines the administrative and common law regulation of business. Constitutional Law, Title VII and product liability are covered. Students also examine contract law and the Uniform Commercial Code provisions on sales and secured transactions.

MAN 205   Fundamentals of Analytics 3 credits

Learn the key aspects and best practices of data analysis by exploring the fundamentals of gathering and analyzing data. Create visualizations and dashboard reports utilizing large data sets associated with an industry of choice, such as, finance, health, sports, criminal justice, among others. Microsoft Excel and Tableau will be utilized throughout the course for data visualizations while a basic understanding of the R and Python languages will be explored. A basic understanding of statistical measures may be helpful for this course but not mandatory for successfully mastering these concepts.

MAN 301   Organizational Behavior 4 credits

Understanding human behavior begins with understanding yourself. Learn how your personality type or learning style affects the way you process information and make decisions. Use projects, small group discussions, and class activities to discern the best way to build teams and manage people, who have different styles of leadership, motivation, and problem-solving. This course dives into management functions, motivation styles, team building, and change management concepts.

MAN 302   Operations and Quality Management 2 credits

This course will discuss the theoretical and practical foundations for operations management. The course will focus on the production process (including service), quality, and supply chain management. the production process includes the management of equipment and machinery, facilities, materials management, inventory control, scheduling, and lean operations. Quality includes quality control and quality management including six sigma. Supply chain management includes purchasing, vendor relations, and logistics. The concepts of project management are also reviewed. (Prerequisite: CSC 121 or CSC 210).

MAN 350   Global Management 4 credits

This cross functional course will build on management principles and apply them to global opportunities using market measurement, competitive analysis, managing distribution, product positioning, ethics and decision-making, forecasting, budgeting, performance evaluation and maintaining control.

MAN 370   Leading Nonprofit Organizations 4 credits

Explore how to lead nonprofit organizations using effective leadership and administration practices. Examine the role of nonprofit boards and leaders in meeting community and organizational needs. Learn to strengthen nonprofit organizations through financial accountability, marketing, and strategic planning. This course is offered in the fall of odd numbered years. (Prerequisite or Corequisite: MAN 301)

MAN 401   Business Strategy and Ethics 4 credits

This course introduces the critical business skills of planning and managing strategic activities. Case studies are emphasized. Students learn an executive-level perspective on strategy formulation and implementation. Students also explore the divergent viewpoints one might hold in analyzing the ethical issues likely to confront business practitioners. This course is the capstone course in the Business Program. Therefore, students should take this course only during one of the last two semesters of their program. (Prerequisites: ECO 103, MAT 110, ACC 201, MAN 301, FIN 301, MAN 205)

MAN 410   Managing Talent, Change and Negotiations 4 credits

The role of the human resource management function in organizations will be studied in this cross functional course. The changing nature of work and demographic shifts will be of particular emphasis. The course also will focus on increasing the understanding of the negotiating process and on increasing the skill level for negotiating by focusing on preparation, interest identification, strategies and tactics, listening skills, collaborative negotiations, competitive negotiations, and options outside of negotiation. Emphasis will be given to win/win collaborative negotiations and preserving relationships using principled dispute resolution strategies. (Prerequisite: MAN 301)

MAN 420   Managing Volunteers and Fundraising 4 credits

Learn the difference between managing paid employees and managing volunteers, and discover how strategies in volunteer management fits your own management style. Explore innovative approaches to fundraising and then put these ideas into action as you organize a fundraiser for a local nonprofit organization. This course is offered in the spring of even numbered years. (Prerequisite: MAN 301)

MAN 460   Managing Teams, Communication & Projects 4 credits

This course focuses on team building and team leadership utilizing communication, conflict management, and decision making skills. Project management techniques that will enhance success in leading and completing projects are also covered. Students will apply project management knowledge, tools and techniques to an actual team project. Topics include creating a project charter and plan, working as a project team, executing the project and closing out the project. This courses is for seniors only. (Prerequisite: MAN 301, CSC 210 or CSC 121)

MAN 488   Independent Study 1-4 credits

MAN 498   Internship 1-12 credits

MAN 499   Senior Outcomes 0 credits