Education Leadership (EDL)

EDL 507   Human Resources and Diversity 3 credits

A study of leadership and management for human resources and diversity in the work place in the changing environment of contemporary schools.

EDL 550   Leadership and Human Resources Management in Education 3 credits

A study of school leadership and human resource management on the impact of successful learning of all students in educational settings.

EDL 552   Management of Human and Financial Resources 3 credits

A focus on educational leadership theory and practice related to the management of human and financial resources.

EDL 553   Educational Policy and Administration 3 credits

A study of the educational leader's role in the analysis, development, implementation and evaluation of educational policy in contemporary society and schools.

EDL 556   Supervision and Improvement of Instruction 3 credits

A study of the knowledge and skills of the educational leader to build and implement collaborative teacher supervision procedures which will increase effective instruction and improve student learning.

EDL 557   Financial Resources 3 credits

A study of leadership and management of the fiscal resources of contemporary schools.