English as a Second Language (ESL)

ESL 520   Language and Society 3 credits

This course focuses on the concepts and skills needed to develop cultural understanding of and communication with speakers of other languages. The impact of cultural, linguistic, ethnics, regional, and gender differences in the classroom is examined and strategies to involve the families and communities of English language learners are explored.

ESL 531   Second Language Acquisition 3 credits

This course addresses major topics of second language acquisition, including the processes of first and second language acquisition; the similarities and differences among child, adolescent, and adult language acquisition; the developmental progression of students with limited English proficiency; and program models and strategies for second language instruction.

ESL 540   Foundations for Instructional Strategies for English Learners 3 credits

This course focuses on the concepts and skills needed to develop literacy programs for students who differ in how they acquire literacy because of language, learning, and/or cultural differences.

ESL 541   Instructional Strategies for English Language Learners 3 credits

This course covers historical, recent, and innovative theories, models, and methods of instruction for English language learners. Instructional approaches for listening, speaking, reading, and writing consider culture, language and educational backgrounds, individual differences, and English level. Emphasis is on teaching English through academic content and collaboration with mainstream staff.

ESL 550   Assessment of English Learners 3 credits

This course prepares educators to assess the skills of English learners through both informal strategies and formal instruments and to interpret results in order to inform instruction.