College of Education

Education (EdD)

The EdD is designed to address three salient areas and concentration in leadership. The first area of concentration will addresses a core understanding of leadership issues pertaining to exemplary leadership models, ethics, policy making, and special topics. A second area focuses on scholarship for understanding, and producing and evaluating research applicable to improving organizations. The third area provides comprehensive coursework, integrated with Doctorate Field Experience/Research, and designed with flexibility to allow students to focus on areas of specialization of their choosing within leadership. In addition, one of the most significant underpinnings of Concordia’s doctorate is to prepare leaders to lead in culturally diverse environments.

Leadership Core
ED 7040Real Time/Relevant Educational Leadership and Educational Reform3
ED 7046Introduction to Scholarly Research3
ED 7041Data Analysis and Use for Leaders3
ED 7057Adult Learning Theories and Foundations3
ED 7058Strategies for Adult Learning3
ED 7042Human Resource Management in Today's 21st Century Organizations3
ED 7043Leadership Exemplars3
ED 7044Leading Change in Today's Organizations3
ED 7045Advanced Leadership Ethics3
ED 7047Influences and Assessment of Public Policy3
ED 7048Organizational Theory and Analysis3
Research Core
ED 7049Introduction to Doctorate Level Education (Summer I Residency)1
ED 7055Doctorate Field Experience/Research3
ED 7050Dissertation Perparation (Summer II Residency)3
ED 7051Overview of Research Methodology3
ED 7052Quantitative Research Methods3
ED 7053Qualitative Research Methods3
Written Comps
ED 7056Elective Research Methods3
ED 7061Written Dissertation Proposal3
ED 7062Dissertation9
Total Credits64