College of Education

Education with an Emphasis in Differentiated Instruction (MA)

The Master of Arts with an emphasis in Differentiated Instruction assists PK – 12 teachers in the application of purposeful and dynamic strategies that empower each learner to access the full curriculum and achieve academic success in a complex learning environment. Emphasis is placed on tiered differentiated instruction, best practices, research and assessment, collaboration with colleagues, parents and other professionals, literacy development, mental health needs and understanding family systems. The coursework is designed to be sequential and is offered face-to-face and online.

ED 512Ethical Issues for Professional Educators3
DI 594Effective Practices in Differentiated Instruction3
ED 521Educational Research and Applications3
DI 536Inclusion: Effective Practices for All Students3
or GST 597 Graduate Study Abroad
DI 532Collaboration in Inclusive Settings3
DI 509Application of Differentiated Instruction in Gifted Education3
DI 515Family Systems for Educators3
DI 534Teaching Students with Mental Health Needs3
DI 538Differentiating Instruction Across Content3
ED 590Conducting Research and Completing the Capstone3
Total Credits30