College of Education

Education with an Emphasis in Educational Leadership (MA)

The Master of Arts in Education with an emphasis in Educational Leadership prepares students to be highly effective professional decision makers and reflective leaders in educational settings. Students learn professional practices in educational leadership and focus on strategies and best practices rooted in theory and philosophy supported by research. The coursework is designed to be sequential and is offered face-to-face and online.

ED 502Educational Issues3
ED 521Educational Research and Applications3
EDL 550Leadership and Human Resources Management in Education3
ED 508Legal and Ethical Issues in Education3
ED 554Curriculum & Instruction3
EDL 556Supervision and Improvement of Instruction3
ED 507Diversity in Education3
or GST 597 Graduate Study Abroad
EDL 557Financial Resources3
EDL 553Educational Policy and Administration3
ED 590Conducting Research and Completing the Capstone3
Total Credits30