College of Education

Curriculum Instruction (CI)

CI 553   Instructional Strategies 3 credits

Theory and strategies of designing technology-rich environments to support active learning in schools.

CI 560   Curriculum and Instruction in Literacy 3 credits

An examination of the history of the school curriculum, the fundamentals of curriculum design, and methods of implementation for literacy.

CI 561   Foundations of Literacy 3 credits

A survey of the historical and theoretical development of literacy education and expectations for becoming an effective literacy teacher.

CI 562   Literacy Strategies for Grades K-6 3 credits

An investigation of literature and effective literacy strategies for the elementary classroom.

CI 563   Literacy Strategies for Grades 7-12 3 credits

A review of adolescent literature and effective literacy strategies for learners in grades 7-12.

CI 564   Assessment , Evaluation and Supervision in Literacy Programs 3 credits

Administration and analysis of individual and group assessments and strategies for supervising literacy programs and communicating student progress.