College of Education

Educational Specialist (EdS)

This program is designed for educators with at least three years of teaching experience who currently hold a Master’s degree and a valid Minnesota teaching license and who wish to become licensed as a principal or superintendent in the state of Minnesota while earning a Educational Specialist (Ed.S.) degree.

Note: An alternative path is available for non-licensed teachers. The Educational Specialist (Ed.S.) degree is designed to provide Minnesota schools with the highest possible quality principals and superintendents. The goals of this program include the licensure of graduates with the academic and moral standards that epitomize the values of Concordia University.

Principal Licensure

ED 7001Principal Leadership in 21st Century Schools3
ED 7002HR for Principals3
ED 7003Principal's Role in Instructional Supervision3
ED 7004Data Use and Analysis for Principals3
ED 7005Principals and the Facilitation of Change3
ED 7006Legal Issues for Principals3
ED 7007Finance and Business Management for Principals3
ED 7008Ethics and Interpersonal Effectiveness for Principals3
ED 7009Principal Internship 12
ED 7010Principal Internship 22
ED 7011Principal Internship 32
Situational Observation/Capstone
Total Credits30

Superintendent Licensure

ED 7031Superintendent Leadership in 21st Century School Districts3
ED 7032HR Issues for Superintendents3
ED 7033Legal Issues for Superintendents3
ED 7034School District and Community Relations for Superintendents3
ED 7035Data Use and Analysis for Superintendents3
ED 7036Critical Issues and Analysis of Public Policy for Superintendents3
ED 7037Superintendents and the Facilitation of Change3
ED 7038Ethics and Interpersonal Effectiveness for Superintendents3
ED 7039Superintendent Internship6
Situational Observation/Capstone
Total Credits30

Director of Special Education Licensure

Must first acquire a principal's license and then complete the following requirements:
ED 7073Legal Issues for Directors of Special Education3
ED 7074Program Policies and Inclusionary Leadership3
ED 7077Special Education Financial Policy and Funding3
ED 7079Director of Special Education Internship6
Situational Observation/Capstone

Organizational Leadership

The emphasis in Organizational Leadership is available to students who are in the EdD program and must have faculty approval to complete this program.
ED 7040Leadership and Scholarship I3
ED 7041Leadership and Scholarship II3
ED 7042Human Resource Management in Today's 21st Century Organizations3
ED 7043Leadership Exemplars3
ED 7044Leading Change in Today's Organizations3
ED 7045Advanced Leadership Ethics3
ED 7080Residency I: Leadership and Problems of Practice3
ED 7046Leadership and Scholarship III3
ED 7047Influences and Assessment of Public Policy3
ED 7048Organizational Theory3
ED 7049Introduction to Concordia Educational Leadership Approach2
ED 7050Leadership and Civil Discourse in the Pubic Arena2
ED 7051Overview of Research Methodology3
ED 7081Residency II: Dissertation Preparation3
ED 7090Leadership and Scholarship Coaching2
Total Credits42