College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Design Minor

This program combines art and design courses and art history to give students a solid foundation in design and its role in culture. Students will gain knowledge and skills of design to enhance preparation for informed living and careers in multiple fields.

2D Design (3)
ART 111Drawing I3
ART 47219th and 20th Century Art and Design4
Select a minimum of 17 credits of the following:17
3D Design (3)
Color Theory (3)
Illustration (3)
Photography I (3)
Graphic Design I (3)
Graphic Imagery (4)
Figure Drawing (3)
Screen Printmaking (3)
Photography II (3)
Digital Photography (2)
Graphic Design II (3)
Web Design I (3)
Typography 1 (4)
Mixed Media Printmaking (3)
Advanced Photography (4)
Graphic Design III (4)
Web Design II (3)
Typography 2 (4)
Graphic Design Senior Projects 1 (4)
Graphic Design Senior Projects 2 (4)
Theories in Contemporary Art (3)
Arts Internship (3)
Principles of Marketing (4)
Stagecraft (4)
Makeup for the Stage (2)
Scenic Design (4)
Costume Design (4)
Lighting and Sound (4)
Total Credits24