College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Intercultural Communication Minor

COM 309Intercultural Communication4
COM 409Advanced Intercultural Communication Seminar4
COM 443Persuasive Communication4
COM 327Topics in Communication 14
Choose 1 course from the following Communication Studies Courses:4
Media and Public Relations (4)
Social Media Relations & Analytics (4)
Family Communication (4)
Organizational Communication (4)
Please choose 2 to 4 credits from below:2-4
Community Arts (4)
World Art (4)
Internship (1-12)
World Literature II: Geographic or Thematic (4)
Healthcare Diversity and Global Issues (4)
US Foreign Policy (4)
Hmong Culture and Society (4)
Global Marketing (2)
Minority Groups (4)
Christianity and the Global South (4)
Christianity and World Religions (4)
Total Credits22-24