College of Education, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Journalism Minor

Prerequisite from General Education
College Writing (3)
ENG 220Applied Grammar2
ENG 221Journalism4
ENG 222Journalism Practicum1
ENG 227Column Writing2
ENG 228Review Writing2
ENG 498Internship1
Select 10 credits (may include additional credits from internship or practicum)10
Writing for the Job (and Life) You Want (3)
Creative Writing I (4)
Topics in Writing (2)
History and Principles of the English Language (2)
Persuasive Writing on Contemporary Issues (4)
Graphic Design I (3)
UX Design I (3)
Social/Mass Media Communication (4)
Media and Public Relations (4)
History of Film and Television (3)
Social Media Relations & Analytics (4)
Total Credits22