College of Education, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Music Minor

Prerequisites from General Education
Music for Life (3)
MUS 102Basic Musicianship *1
MUS 111Class Piano I *2
MUS 112Class Piano II *2
MUS 113Class Piano III *1
MUS 203Musicianship I3
MUS 204Musicianship II3
MUS 7XX Ensembles2
MUS 8XX Private Lessons2
Select one of the following:3
Music History I (3)
Music History II (recommended) (3)
Music History III (3)
Beginning Conducting (2)
Electronic Instruments Techniques & Pedagogy (2)
Vocal Techniques & Pedagogy (1)
Art of Accompanying (1)
The Business of Music (2)
Choral Literature (2)
Instrumental Arranging (1)
Choral Arranging (1)
Choral Conducting & Methods (2)
MUS 7XX Music Ensembles (repeatable)
MUS 8XX Private Lesson (repeatable)
Composition (2)
MUS 9XX Honors Private lessons (repeatable)
Honors Composition Lessons (2)
Total Credits24

Students may be exempted with credit from 100-level courses based on departmental assessment.