College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Theatre Minor

Prerequisite from General Education
Introduction to The Theatre (2)
THR 221Acting I4
THR 241Script Analysis4
THR 251Stagecraft4
THR 478Directing4
THR 445Theatre History, Theory, and Literature I4
or THR 446 Theatre History, Theory, and Literature II
Select 4 credits of the following:4
Theatre in Practice (0-1)
Improvisation (2)
Introduction to Dance (3)
Dance for Musical Theatre (3)
Makeup for the Stage (2)
Modern Dance Technique (3)
Jazz Dance Technique (3)
Topics in Theatre (2)
London Theatre Tour (2)
Acting II (4)
Voice, Diction & Dialects (2)
Scenic Design (4)
Costume Design (4)
Lighting and Sound (4)
Modern Dance Technique (3)
New York Theatre Tour (2)
London Theatre Tour (2)
Tap Technique (3)
Dance History (3)
Choreography (3)
Ballet Technique (3)
Independent Study in Theatre (1-4)
Theatre Internship (4-16)
Hip Hop Technique (3)
Total Credits24