College of Health and Science

Diagnostic Medical Sonography with an Echocardiography Concentration (AAS)

Concordia University, St. Paul offers an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Diagnostic Medical Sonography degree program, which is designed to prepare students to work as health care professionals, to interact with other health care professionals and patients in a professional and ethical manner, to develop the best possible technical skills in sonography, and to demonstrate at all times the utmost respect and concern for the well-being of the patients they serve.

Graduates will be prepared to provide health care services as sonographers. The diagnostic medical sonographer works under the direction of a physician, using ultrasound imaging techniques for purposes of diagnosis.

Degree Requirements 

Associate of Applied Science degree consists of a minimum of 60 credits, which includes a minimum of 20 general education credits and a minimum of 30 program-related occupational or technical credits.  

Prerequisites (must be completed prior to starting the Diagnostic Medical Sonography program)
BIO 117Human Anatomy & Physiology for Sonography4
DMS 100Introduction to Ultrasound1
Quantitative Reasoning for Health Care Professionals * (3)
College Writing * (3)
Introductory Physics for Biological and Health Sciences I * (4)
Total Credits5
General Education Requirements
THL 200Scripture and its interpretation: A Global Introduction to the Bible3
COM 110Interpersonal Communication3
PSY 102Introduction to Psychology3
ENG 121College Writing3
MAT 165Quantitative Reasoning for Health Care Professionals3
PHS 112Introductory Physics for Biological and Health Sciences I4
Total Credits19
Echocardiography Concentration
ECH 110Foundations of Echocardiography4
ECH 115Cardiovascular Anatomy & Physiology3
ECH 100Clinical Practicum I1
BIO 350Medical Terminology2
ECH 200Medical Law and Ethics3
ECH 155Adult Ecocardiography I5
ECH 150Clinical Practicum II2
ECH 105Ultrasound Physics4
ECH 255Adult Echocardiography II4
ECH 225Clinical Practicum III3
ECH 250Special Procedures4
ECH 275Introduction to Congenital Echocardiography3
ECH 280Clinical Practicum IV3
ECH 290Clinical Practicum V5
ECH 299Capstone/Board Review1
Total Credits47

Courses count towards general education requirement.

CSP’s Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Diagnostic Medical Sonography (DMS) prepares students to take the ARDMS board examinations (SPI and a specialty board) upon completion of 12 months of full-time clinical ultrasound experience. To see what is required to sit for each ARDMS board examination, please click here. The ARDMS board examinations (SPI and a specialty board) are required to practice in each state. In addition, currently New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota, and Oregon are the only states with approved legislation mandating the licensure of sonographers within those particular states as an additional requirement. To see the additional requirements for each of those states, please click here

Plan of Study Grid
First YearCredits
First Semester
ECH 100 Clinical Practicum I 1
ECH 110 Foundations of Echocardiography 4
ECH 115 Cardiovascular Anatomy & Physiology 3
ECH 200 Medical Law and Ethics 3
Second Semester
ECH 105 Ultrasound Physics 4
ECH 150 Clinical Practicum II 2
ECH 155 Adult Ecocardiography I 5
Third Semester
ECH 255 Adult Echocardiography II 4
ECH 225 Clinical Practicum III 3
Second Year
First Semester
ECH 250 Special Procedures 4
ECH 275 Introduction to Congenital Echocardiography 3
ECH 280 Clinical Practicum IV 3
Second Semester
ECH 290 Clinical Practicum V 5
ECH 299 Capstone/Board Review 1
 Total Credits45