College of Education, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Elementary Education/Teaching Major (Grades K-6) (BA Traditional)

Students who complete this major and other state requirements are eligible to apply for a Minnesota teaching license for Elementary Education (Grades K through 6).

General Education Requirements

All degree seeking undergraduate students must complete the general education requirements.

Degree Requirements

Bachelor of Arts degree consists of a major of typically 30 to 44 credits or two minors, general education courses, and elective courses totaling a minimum of 120 credits.

Prerequisites from General Education
Introduction to Art (3)
Foundations of Elementary Mathematics (4)
Introduction to Psychology (3)
Music for Life (3)
Live Science: How Scientific Issues Impact Your Daily Life (4)
Required Courses
SCI 310Life, Earth, Space, and Physical Science for Educators4
ECE 323Kindergarten Education2
ECE 324Language Development and Emergent Literacy 3
Select one of the following:2
Young Children with Special Needs (2)
The Inclusive Classroom (2)
ED 201Foundations of and Introduction to Education3
ED 330Human Diversity and Relations2
ED 336Educational Psychology3
ED 342Teaching Literacy4
ED 344The Effective Teacher3
ED 356Teaching Elementary Science and Environmental Education2
ED 357Teaching Elementary Social Studies2
ED 360Content & Mthd for K-6 Mathema4
ED 371Teaching Practicum3
ED 448Teaching Methods for Elementary/Middle School Movement Education1
ED 470Health Education for Teachers2
ED 471Student Teaching15
Total Credits55

Endorsements to be Added to Elementary Education Majors

Grades 5–8 Communication Arts and Literature Endorsement

Required Education Courses
ED 477Teaching Grades 5-8 Communication Arts and Literature1
ED 487Reading Across the Content Areas3
ED 471Student Teaching4
Required Content Courses
COM 213Public Speaking3
COM 222Social/Mass Media Communication4
ENG 324Teaching Writing 1:12
ENG 330Young Adult Literature2
Select one ENG 300 level literature class4
Total Credits23

Grades 5–8 Middle School Mathematics Endorsement

Required Education Courses
ED 475Teaching 5-8 Mathematics1
ED 487Reading Across the Content Areas3
ED 471Student Teaching4
Required Content Courses
MAT 110Introduction to Probability and Statistics3
MAT 135Calculus I4
MAT 220Discrete Mathematics3
MAT 305Foundations of Geometry3
Total Credits21

Grades 5–8 Social Studies Endorsement

Required Education Courses
ED 476Teaching Grades 5-8 Social Studies1
ED 487Reading Across the Content Areas3
ED 471Student Teaching4
Required Content Courses
GE 101Human Geography2
HIS 212Introduction to History4
HIS 231USA to 18774
or HIS 233 USA since 1877
POL 132Government and Politics3
SOC 151Introduction to Sociology3
Total Credits24

Kindergarten Endorsement 

ECE 322Kindergarten Endorsement Methods2
ED 375Teaching Practicum: Kindergarten Endorsement Methods Field Experience1
Total Credits3

Pre-Primary Endorsement

ECE 321Preschool Education2
ECE 324Language Development and Emergent Literacy 3
ECE 427Authentic Assessment and Guidance in ECE3
ED 471Student Teaching4
Total Credits12

Each state has different requirements for professional licensure and certifications. CSP’s educator preparation programs are designed specifically to prepare students for licensure in Minnesota, but are not approved by any other state licensing boards for licensure in those states. CSP is unable to determine whether its teacher preparation programs would meet the educational requirements for licensure in other states.  Students who want to work in a state other than Minnesota should contact the state licensing board in their state before enrolling in the program.  Please see the contact information for teacher licensing boards here