College of Education, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Child Development Major (BA Adult; Online Only)

Students develop a philosophy for working in the field of early education based on developmentally appropriate practices and focused on advocacy and leadership. Courses in the program address the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) standards for initial professional preparation. CHD 400, CHD 402, and CHD 410 are prerequisites for all other courses in the program. This program does not lead to a teaching license. Students seeking a Minnesota Early Childhood teaching license should review the Early Childhood Education (Birth through Grade Three) major at Concordia University. 

General Education Requirements

All degree seeking undergraduate students must complete the general education requirements.

Degree Requirements

A bachelor of Arts degree consists of a major of typically 30 to 44 credits or two minors, general education courses, upper-level requirements, and elective courses totaling a minimum of 120 credits.

Prerequisites from General Education
Introduction to Psychology (3)
CHD 400Introduction to Early Childhood Education3
CHD 402Writing for Educators3
CHD 410Growth and Development of Children3
CHD 411Child Social and Emotional Growth3
CHD 422Human Diversity and Relations3
CHD 430Infants and Toddlers3
CHD 435Developmentally Appropriate Practices in Early Childhood Education3
CHD 440Children's Play and Learning3
CHD 445Language Development and Emergent Literacy3
CHD 450Children's Literature3
CHD 451Dual Language Learners3
CHD 461Ethics in Early Childhood3
CHD 482Young Child with Special Needs3
CHD 490Portfolio and Synthesis3
Total Credits42