College of Education, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Art Studio Major (BA Traditional)

This program is designed to prepare students for various careers in the arts and fields that rely on visual images. Students will gain an understanding of design theories and concepts related to the production and public presentation of art. Upon completion of the program, students will have knowledge of the role of art and design in culture, an ability to produce work, and both critical thinking and creative problem solving skills to prepare them for a variety of careers in related fields.

General Education Requirements

All degree seeking undergraduate students must complete the general education requirements.

Degree Requirements

Bachelor of Arts degree consists of a major of typically 30 to 44 credits or two minors, general education courses, and elective courses totaling a minimum of 120 credits.

ART 1022D Design3
ART 1033D Design3
ART 105Color Theory3
ART 106Introduction to Art3
ART 111Drawing I3
ART 251Sculpture I3
ART 271Survey of Western Art I3
ART 272Survey of Western Art II3
ART 311Figure Drawing3
ART 47219th and 20th Century Art and Design4
ART 491Theories in Contemporary Art3
ART 499Art Senior Seminar2
ART 221Painting I3-4
or ART 411 Advanced Drawing
ART 241Photography I3
Select one of the following:3
Relief Printmaking (3)
Screen Printmaking (3)
Intaglio Printmaking (3)
Mixed Media Printmaking (3)
Select one of the following:2-4
Mexican Art and Culture (2-4)
Art of Mexico (4)
Art of Asia (4)
World Art (4)
Select additional courses of the following to total 56 credits:9-14
Any 200-level or above ART course not used to meet the above requirements
Total Credits56