Management and Leadership (BS)

The Management and Leadership program is designed to provide students with comprehensive knowledge of the fundamental principles and best practices of managing organizations in a strategic and effective manner. The curriculum covers various areas such as operations and quality management, leading change, social intelligence and leadership, people and organizational analytics, and strategic communications.

Students will learn how to analyze organizational data to make informed decisions, develop and implement strategic plans, manage change effectively, and communicate clearly and persuasively to various stakeholders. They will also gain knowledge and skills in managing and leading people, including analyzing social dynamics, building, and motivating teams, and developing and implementing effective human resource policies and practices. Overall, this program prepares students to become successful strategic leaders in a variety of industries and sectors.

BUS 200Leading in Complex Organizations3
BUS 220Project Management3
BUS 240Leadership, Influence and Negotiations3
BUS 260High Impact Digital Communications3
BUS 270Modern Marketing3
BUS 300Principles of Human Resource Management3
BUS 320Fundamentals of Accounting3
BUS 335Finance for Managers3
BUS 370Data Analytics and Visualization3
BUS 400Social Responsibility, Legal Implications, and Business Ethics3
BUS 470Social Intelligence and Leadership3
BUS 435Leading Change3
BUS 455Strategic Communications3
BUS 480Operations and Quality Management3
HRM 450People and Organizational Analytics3
Total Credits45