College of Education, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Music Education/Teaching Major (Grades K-12 Instrumental and Classroom Music and/or Vocal and Classroom Music (BA Traditional)

Two different majors are described below. Students who complete the instrumental track and other state requirements are eligible to apply for a Minnesota teaching license for Instrumental and  K-12 Classroom Music. Students who complete the vocal track and other state requirements are eligible to apply for a Minnesota teaching license for Vocal and K-12 Classroom Music. Students may complete both tracks and be eligible for both licenses

General Education Requirements

All degree seeking undergraduate students must complete the general education requirements.

Degree Requirements

Bachelor of Arts degree consists of a major of typically 30 to 44 credits or two minors, general education courses, and elective courses totaling a minimum of 120 credits.

Prerequisites from General Education
Music for Life (3)
Required Content Courses
MUS 102Basic Musicianship *1
MUS 111Class Piano I *2
MUS 112Class Piano II *2
MUS 113Class Piano III *1
MUS 203Musicianship I3
MUS 204Musicianship II3
MUS 261Beginning Conducting2
MUS 303Musicianship III3
MUS 304Musicianship IV3
MUS 321Music History I3
MUS 322Music History II3
MUS 323Music History III3
MUS 356K-6 General Music Teaching Methods2
MUS 3577-12 General Music Teaching Methods2
MUS 365Electronic Instruments Techniques & Pedagogy2
MUS 366Vocal Techniques & Pedagogy1
MUS 444Instrumental Arranging1
MUS 445Choral Arranging1
MUS 499
Required Education Courses
ED 201Foundations of and Introduction to Education3
ED 330Human Diversity and Relations2
ED 336Educational Psychology3
ED 344The Effective Teacher3
ED 371Teaching Practicum3
ED 439The Inclusive Classroom2
ED 470Health Education for Teachers2
ED 487Reading Across the Content Areas3
ED 472Student Teaching15
Total Credits74

 Submit music Portfolio Progress Report to Chair, Music Department by November 1 each year. Document in the portfolio four public performances, including a small ensemble. Pass Keyboard Proficiency Examination before student teaching (document in portfolio). Take Music Senior Outcomes Examination when Music History/Musicianship courses are completed. A minimum of a 2.75 GPA is required in music coursework, as well as a minimum of 2.5 GPA in each area of performance, history/literature, theory/composition and pedagogy.


Vocal and Classroom K – 12 Track

MUS 369Art of Accompanying1
MUS 425Choral Literature2
MUS 456Choral Conducting & Methods2
MUS 713Jubilate (7 semesters choral ensemble required)7
or MUS 714 Christus Chorus
MUS 860Voice (7 semesters private voice lessons @ 1 credit each)7
Total Credits19

Instrumental and Classroom K – 12 Track

MUS 426Instrumental Literature2
MUS 457Instrumental Conducting & Methods2
MUS 720Concert Band (7 semesters instrumental ensemble required)7
or MUS 730 Chamber Ensemble
MUS 829Private Jazz Lesson1
MUS 8XX or 9XX:7 semesters private instrumental lessons@ 1 credit each7
Total Credits19

Students may be exempted with credit from 100 level courses based on departmental assessment.

Each state has different requirements for professional licensure and certifications. CSP’s educator preparation programs are designed specifically to prepare students for licensure in Minnesota, but are not approved by any other state licensing boards for licensure in those states. CSP is unable to determine whether its teacher preparation programs would meet the educational requirements for licensure in other states.  Students who want to work in a state other than Minnesota should contact the state licensing board in their state before enrolling in the program.  Please see the contact information for teacher licensing boards here