College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Music Major (BA Traditional)

Students in the Music major expand their creativity, analytical, research and writing skills while studying music performance, programming, analysis, composition, history, literature, education and worship music. The music program is led by accomplished and caring faculty who give one-on-one attention to students in a nurturing community.  With the support of CSP's deeply networked music faculty, students in this major are provided opportunities to ply their craft in music positions at churches, internships with local music organizations, and professional workshops.  The culmination of the major is a senior year public presentation of the student's work, in which the student plans, prepares, promotes, and presents a recital of their work.  The major prepares students for graduate work in music or other fields and employment as entry level music performers, composers, and private teachers.  The program also provides students with the communication skills, collaborative aptitude, creativity, organizational ability, and work ethic to succeed in a broad range of fields beyond music, while providing them with a lifelong outlet for joyful aesthetic expression.

General Education Requirements

All degree seeking undergraduate students must complete the general education requirements.

Degree Requirements

Bachelor of Arts degree consists of a major of typically 32 to 44 credits or two minors, general education courses, and elective courses totaling a minimum of 120 credits.

Prerequisites 1
Basic Musicianship (2)
Class Piano I (2)
Class Piano II (2)
Class Piano III (1)
Prerequisites from General Education
Listening to Life: Western Classical Music (2)
Listening to Life: Global & Popular Music (2)
MUS 201Musicianship I4
MUS 202Musicianship II4
MUS 301Musicianship III4
MUS 302Musicianship IV4
MUS 321Music History I3
MUS 322Music History II3
MUS 323Music History III3
MUS 7xx4 semesters of ensemble at 0-2 credits each0-8
MUS 8xx4 semesters of private lessons at 1 credit each4
Select 5-7 credits from any music offerings to total 44 credits 25-7
Select one of the following tracks:8-10
Performance Track (8 credits)
Music History Track (8-10 credits)
Music Theory and Composition Track (10 credits)
Total Credits44


Performance Track

MUS 402The Business of Music2
MUS 9xx3 semesters of honors lessons at 2 credits each6
Total Credits8

Music History Track

MUS 493Senior Project: Thesis2
Select 4 credits of the following:4
History of Sacred Music (4)
Congregational Song (4)
Select 2-4 credits of the following:2-4
Keyboard Literature (2)
Choral Literature (2)
Instrumental Literature (2)
Organ Literature (2)
Total Credits8-10

Music Theory and Composition

MUS 365Electronic Instruments Techniques & Pedagogy2
MUS 402The Business of Music2
MUS 444Instrumental Arranging1
MUS 445Choral Arranging1
MUS 890Composition (2 semesters of Composition lessons at 1 credit each)2
MUS 990Honors Composition Lessons2
Total Credits10

Additional Requirements

Students must attend eight recitals or concerts per year and document such in their Music Portfolio. The Portfolios should be submitted for review each year by November 1 to the Chair of the Music Department. A minimum of a 2.75 GPA is required in music coursework, as well as a minimum of 2.5 GPA in each area of performance, history/literature, and theory/composition. Performance audition in February of sophomore year (first year for transfers). Pass Keyboard Proficiency Exam prior to graduation. Take Senior Music Outcomes exam when Musicianship/Music History courses are completed.