College of Business and Technology

Business Administration (MBA)

The Master in Business Administration prepares graduates to lead with confidence in the ever-changing business environment. Students will develop a deeper understanding of analytics, systems thinking, business concepts and principles through an integrated and applied set of courses. Students, equipped as self-aware leaders, will also enhance their ability to communicate effectively and provide innovative solutions as strategic decision makers.   

MBA 500Organizational Leadership and Development3
MBA 520Integrated Marketing Communication3
MBA 592Topics Course: Vocation and Value1
MBA 510Managerial Research Methods and Design3
MBA 505Global Economics3
MBA 515Applied Business Ethics3
MBA 525Strategic Human Resource Management3
MBA 530Managerial Finance and Accounting3
MBA 594Topics Course: Mastery of Future Industry1
MBA 535Legal Environment for Managers3
MBA 605Operations and Technology Management3
MBA 610Tools for Managerial Decision Analysis3
MBA 620Strategic Leadership3
MBA 596Topics Course: Reflection and Bridge to Your Future1
Total Credits36
Plan of Study Grid
First YearCredits
First Semester
MBA 592 Topics Course: Vocation and Value 1
MBA 500 Organizational Leadership and Development 3
MBA 520 Integrated Marketing Communication 3
Second Semester
MBA 510 Managerial Research Methods and Design 3
MBA 505 Global Economics 3
Third Semester
MBA 515 Applied Business Ethics 3
MBA 525 Strategic Human Resource Management 3
Second Year
First Semester
MBA 530 Managerial Finance and Accounting 3
MBA 594 Topics Course: Mastery of Future Industry 1
MBA 535 Legal Environment for Managers 3
Second Semester
MBA 605 Operations and Technology Management 3
MBA 610 Tools for Managerial Decision Analysis 3
Third Semester
MBA 620 Strategic Leadership 3
MBA 596 Topics Course: Reflection and Bridge to Your Future 1
 Total Credits36