Educational Specialist (EdS)

This program is designed for educators with at least three years of teaching experience who currently hold a Master’s degree and a valid Minnesota teaching license and who wish to become licensed as a principal or superintendent in the state of Minnesota while earning an Educational Specialist (Ed.S.) degree.

Note: An alternative path is available for non-licensed teachers (see course ED 7013 below). The Educational Specialist (Ed.S.) degree is designed to provide Minnesota schools with the highest possible quality principals and superintendents. The goals of this program include the licensure of graduates with the academic and moral standards that epitomize the values of Concordia University.

Principal Licensure

EDU 7001School Leadership: Foundations I3
EDU 7002School Leadership: Foundations II3
EDU 7003School Leadership for All Learners3
EDU 7004School Leadership for Instruction and Learning3
EDU 7005Organizational Leadership and Management for School Leaders3
EDU 7006Strategic Advancement for School Leaders3
EDU 7007Leadership of a Learning Organization3
EDU 7008Ethical and Legal School Leadership3
ED 7009Elementary Level Internship2
ED 7010Middle Level Internship2
ED 7011Secondary Level Internship2
Total Credits30

Superintendent Licensure

EDU 7012District Leadership: Foundations I3
EDU 7013District Leadership: Foundations II3
EDU 7014District Leadership for All Learners3
EDU 7015District Leadership for Instruction and Learning3
EDU 7016Organizational Leadership and Management for District Leaders3
EDU 7017Strategic Advancement for District Leaders3
EDU 7018District Leadership of a Learning Organization3
EDU 7019Ethical and Legal District Leadership3
ED 7039Superintendent Internship I3
ED 7059Superintendent Internship II3
Situational Observation/Capstone
Total Credits30

Organizational Leadership

The emphasis in Organizational Leadership is available to students who are in the EdD program and must have faculty approval to complete this program.
ED 7040Leadership and Scholarship I3
ED 7041Leadership and Scholarship II3
ED 7046Leadership and Scholarship III3
ED 7063Leadership and Scholarship IV3
ED 7090Leadership and Scholarship Coaching I1
ED 7047Influences and Assessment of Public Policy3
ED 7080Residency I: Leadership and Problems of Practice3
ED 7048Organizational Theory3
ED 7091Leadership and Scholarship Coaching II1
ED 7065Quantitative Research Methods3
ED 7067Organizational Resource Management3
ED 7068Solutions Based Leadership3
ED 7081Residency II: Dissertation Preparation3
ED 7070Ethical Leadership3
ED 7069Strategic Advancement3
ED 7093Leadership Project1
Total Credits42

ED 7013  Teaching Internship (4 credits):  This course is required for Principal and Superintendent licensure candidates without three years of teaching experience. Candidates are required to complete this course as part of their Educational Specialist program.  The course blends  instructional learning and applied teaching experiences through a supervised internship.

Administrative License in States beyond Minnesota:  Each state has different requirements for professional licensure and certifications. CSP’s educator preparation programs are designed specifically to prepare students for licensure in Minnesota and are not approved by any other state licensing boards for licensure in those states. CSP is unable to determine whether its teacher preparation programs would meet the educational requirements for licensure in other states.  Students who want to work in a state other than Minnesota should contact the state licensing board in their state before enrolling in the program.  Please see the contact information for teacher licensing boards here

Plan of Study Grid
First YearCredits
First Semester
EDU 7001 School Leadership: Foundations I 3
EDU 7002 School Leadership: Foundations II 3
Second Semester
EDU 7003 School Leadership for All Learners 3
EDU 7004 School Leadership for Instruction and Learning 3
Third Semester
EDU 7005 Organizational Leadership and Management for School Leaders 3
EDU 7006 Strategic Advancement for School Leaders 3
Second Year
First Semester
EDU 7007 Leadership of a Learning Organization 3
EDU 7008 Ethical and Legal School Leadership 3
 Total Credits24

In addition to these courses, students will complete internship credits as approved by the faculty.