College of Business and Technology

Information Technology Management (MS)

This program prepares students with the business leadership skills needed to successfully lead teams in the information technology workplace.  Integrating business management and technical skill development, the coursework prepares graduates with in-demand skills and competencies.  Through experience-based learning, students critically explore and apply leadership theory, business strategy, data analytics, information security, project management, IT innovation and ethics.

ITM 500Business Technology Strategy3
ITM 505Ethics in Information Technology3
ITM 510Research in Information Technology3
ITM 517Computer Based Information Systems3
ITM 530Leadership Information Technology3
ITM 547Database Management3
ITM 520Procurement & Asset Management3
ITM 535Business Intelligence and Data Analytics3
ITM 540Information Security3
ITM 545IT Project Management3
ITM 550Technology Management and Innovation3
ITM 555Capstone3
Total Credits36
Plan of Study Grid
First YearCredits
First Semester
ITM 500 Business Technology Strategy 3
ITM 545 IT Project Management 3
ITM 517 Computer Based Information Systems 3
Second Semester
ITM 547 Database Management 3
ITM 510 Research in Information Technology 3
ITM 505 Ethics in Information Technology 3
Third Semester
ITM 535 Business Intelligence and Data Analytics 3
ITM 530 Leadership Information Technology 3
ITM 540 Information Security 3
Second Year
ITM 550 Technology Management and Innovation 3
ITM 555 Capstone 3
ITM 520 Procurement & Asset Management 3
 Total Credits36